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Fate/Grand Order  android & iPhone 

Fate/Grand Order android  apk & ios iPhone and iPad

TYPE-MOON has released a new mobile "Fate RPG"!

The game features an excellent main scenario as well as many character quests.

Fate/Grand Order  apk


Fate/Grand Order is a JRPG based on the popular visual novel Fate/Stay Night, which has been resurrected through some competent franchising. Rewind to 2015, when the plot brings you to the Chaldea Security Organization summit, where it is revealed that the entire human race is in grave danger if no action is made within the next year. Scientists have pinpointed the source of this massive disaster, which began in late 2004 in the city of Fuyuki as a result of an anomaly. Your job is to time travel with a team of special operatives on your side in order to defy fate and save the planet by stopping time at its source.!

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It's jam-packed with stuff that fans of the Fate series and beginners alike will love.

You begin by creating your own special agent by selecting his gender and name. Using the opportunity to swap between multiple set dialogs, you'll be able to give your hero a feeling of individuality during the countless discussions you'll have during the game. Of course, you may always opt out and avoid a few of these brief conversations, but this is not a recommended strategy or in your best interests. One of Fate/Grand Order's real strengths is its plot arc, and it's well worth your time to read through it.

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Long talks aren't the only thing Fate/Grand Order has to offer. You must also defeat all adversaries as you encounter them during the trip, which means you'll be involved in some intense turn-based combat. You have over a dozen different'servants' at your disposal to send into battle, and you're in charge of using each of their unique qualities and skills, as well as balancing their strengths and weaknesses while keeping each particular personality in mind. Many of them have been around from the beginning of the story.

Fate/Grand Order  ios mobile

Fate/Grand Order is an epic JRPG with a dramatic storyline and tactical combat that is well-designed (some would argue brilliant). Overall, this is an excellent game that maintains its high level of quality from level to level. Obviously, this necessitates stunning graphics and a terrific soundtrack to match the game's excellent gameplay.


The year is 2017 A.D.

Human history will be erased in 2019, according to Chaldea, an agency tasked with studying Earth's future.

The promised future of 2017 vanished without notice.

Why? How? Who? What do you mean by that?

2004. AD. In Japan, there is a certain provincial town.

Fate/Grand Order  apk android

A section that could not be seen appeared for the first time ever.

Chaldea conducted its sixth experiment, time travel into the past, supposing that this was the cause of humanity's demise.

A forbidden ceremony in which humans would be transformed into Spiritrons and sent back in time. They would seek, identify, and destroy the space-time Singularities by meddling in occurrences.

TheGrand Order is a mission categorization that protects Humanity.

This is the moniker given to individuals who would defy human history and fight fate in order to save humanity. 

Fate/Grand Order  apk mobile

Introduction to the Game

A smart phone-optimized command card warfare RPG!

Players take on the role of Masters, defeating foes and solving the riddle of human history's disappearance with the help of Heroic Spirits.

It's up to the players to put together a team of their favorite Heroic Spirits, both new and old.

Composition of the game/direction of the scenario

Nasu, Kinoko

Art Direction and Character Design

Takashi Takeuchi is a Japanese actor.

Fate/Grand Order mobile download free

Writers of Scenarios

Hikaru Sakurai, Yuichiro Higashide

The operating system must be compatible with iOS 10.0 or later.

iPhone 5 and up, iPad 3rd generation and up, iPad Mini 2 and up, iPod touch 6th generation are all supported.

*Instead of checking App Store compatibility, please check system requirements on the home page.

*Italian iPod touch 5th generation and lower, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 are incompatible.lower.

Fate/Grand Order  apk

This application uses "CRIWARE (TM)" from CRI Middleware Co. Ltd

What's New in This Version 14th of December, 2021 [ver.2.24] Version 2.24.0 .0] Contents should be updated.

  This is a list of the changes that will be made in this Fate/Grand Order update.

- The "Christmas 2021 Nightingale's Christmas Carol" Limited Time Event begins.

- A number of bug fixes

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