Rokkr for Android TV or apple tv

Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios 

Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

What exactly is Rokkr?

The creators of the rokkr App describe it as "the ultimate multimedia browser with endless possibilities." To a large part, this is correct, as the app only allows you to browse and play content, and the makers do not provide a curated collection of content. Instead, the rokkr app makes use of free access to hundreds of TV series and movies via various bundles that must be installed individually. These rokkr bundles provide you access to a variety of shows and movies, which you can then stream from numerous servers and sources across the world.

Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

ROKKR is a pure entertainment application. That's a rokk.

When maximum usability meets technological perfection, it simply rokks. Rokkr can not only play your media, but it can also be used as a browser. This combination is both rokks and entertaining. This is exactly what many of our app's users have seen, which is why Rokkr is frequently featured in the top entertainment app lists. Now is the time to download the free Rokkr app and start having fun.

I was able to watch a random episode of "The Good Place" through rokkr apk, and the quality appeared to be excellent. "Lucifer" and "The Boys" were also in the mix, according to a quick peek. Depending on the bundles you install and where you live, the list may differ.

Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

We now have access to a variety of platforms that provide us with episodes, movies, and documentaries with only a few clicks. For many, the disadvantage is that they are paid, thus they choose free alternatives. Normally, we discover individuals who upload their own content, but Rokkr is unusual in that it works more like IPTV programs that use lists to display content.

Fill up the blanks with the URL or file from your device.

In fact, we're dealing with a similar process to that of Kodi and its addons: enter a URL or load a repository that you've downloaded to your device to access a collection of online resources. Rokkr works in this manner, no more, no less. The URL and bundles that you can download, however, are not provided in the app; you will have to hunt for them on your own (and no, in Malavida we do not know where, you will have to use your favorite search engine).

Aside from that, we have a really well-designed and functional app with a simple UI and the opportunity to customize it in multiple languages. So, if you want to access fully free audiovisual stuff on your Android, this is one of the better possibilities you'll find, albeit it's not suited for those who don't want to hunt for what they want to see.

What is the Rokkr App and how can I use it? [Installation Instructions]

After completing a basic setup, using the rokkr App is rather simple. I've outlined a step-by-step procedure below. Follow them and put your heart and soul into it:

  1. You'll need to scroll down to the download area to get the rokkr app. It is not always readily available in the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. In this situation, you should go to the downloads page and download it from there using the links provided in this post.
  2. Before you may open the rokkr apk file on an Android smartphone, you may need to enable installing unknown apps from the Security section. The specific processes differ each device, and you may do a fast internet search to find out what they are.
  3. Look for it on your own. The essential concept remains the same. You download the installation file, run it, and voila!
  4. On Apple's iOS devices, you can do the following: It's possible that you'll need to jailbreak your phone in order to sideload the iPA. In our download section, we have an ios file.
    Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

  5. When you press continue, the link will be resolved, and you will be taken to the site automatically.
  6. You can use it like any other streaming service from now on. Tap any title to see a list of sources from which you can play it.
  7. To access a greater range of content, you can use numerous rokkr bundles at the same time.
    Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

  8. You'll get a notification once you install and start the Rokkr app that says you need to install a MediaURL first.
  9. Rokkr's URL is: In the Rokkr app, type in any of the bundle links supplied in this post (such as and press proceed.

It's worth noting that after you start streaming, rokkr's MPV engine may have issues with screens that aren't the same aspect ratio as yours. To provide a smoother experience, switch to native engine by pressing the settings button while watching a video.

How can I watch Rokkr?

List of Bundle URL’s for Rokkr:

Remember how I said that the rokkr App would be useless unless you installed bundles? These bundles, however, aren't easily found with a basic Google search. They're not tough to locate, but if you don't know what you're searching for, you could easily become disoriented. I've put together a short list of URLs that you can input in the add bundle area and the rokkr App will handle the rest.

  1. This is the most basic package available. Simply copy and paste it into the enter URL window, and the rokkr App will handle the rest.
  2. Bundles from TED and Mediathek: If you're interested in TED Talks or German Mediatheks, you can turn it on. This bundle can be turned on from the options tab.
  3. is a comparable site to Use this if oha goes down. This server, I believe, is maintained by rokkr devs.
Keep in mind that all of these URLs are vulnerable to server outages and may be pulled down at any time. If this happens, or if you want to install even more bundles, the rokkr app's reddit community has released a google documents link with a variety of URLs.

Is Rokkr a secure platform?

When you hear the words "free of charge," you have every right to be skeptical. After all, how can a website or service provide so much information without charging anything? To be honest, I'm not sure how I'd do it either. Some simply say, "Leave the sleeping dogs alone!" In any case, the rokkr app poses no greater risk to itself than any other software on the market. It did not ask for any extra rights on my Android smartphone, not even to access local storage. That's a good thing because that means rokkr apk isn't accessing your device's important info.

In terms of your device, most forums consider it safe to use. Because this is a new software, Windows Smart Screen may display a warning while installing rokkr, but you can safely ignore it.

When it comes to app issues, I'm more concerned about servers shutting down when I'm in the middle of a binge-watching marathon, as this has been known to occur. But don't worry; the rokkr App has an active reddit community that you can join.

At the same time, you should research the legal implications of utilizing an app like this in your nation. In this essay, I have provided a comprehensive overview of the legality of the Rokkr app, but information on the subject is scarce. Keep yourself informed and protected!

Rokkr's characteristics:

The list of rokkr's features isn't particularly extensive. It's a content streaming platform or a multimedia browser at its core, and it does its job admirably. There's nothing more to it than that, though. You receive the following basic features in rokkr, and they're really all you need. Anything more, in my opinion, makes any media player clumsy and difficult to use. 

  • However, I would have wanted to have swipe to seek and alter volume options, which are unfortunately missing.

Hundreds of thousands of shows are available through external packages.

When you add bundles to the rokkr app, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Multiple bundles can be added at the same time, giving you access to nearly tens of thousands of shows.

  • Favorite a show so you can return to it fast later.

This is a rather self-explanatory statement. You can add a show to your favorites list, which will appear as soon as you start the app.

  • To let your friends know what you're viewing, use the share button.

You can immediately return to where you were if you leave an episode in the middle without finishing it.

  • Subtitles are available on some sites for episodes and movies, which is a nice benefit.

Multiple languages are available in the Rokkr app's settings section: This isn't a built-in feature of the rokkr App. However, there are often sources that stream in a different language in the list of servers available for a movie or TV show, so this is definitely an extra plus.

If I were to guess, this is a fairly generic list that should apply to practically all media streaming apps. However, the software is still in its early stages, and more functionality may be added in the future.

Is using the rokkr App legal?

This is a pretty contentious subject. Some believe it's legal, while others insist it's not. The range of viewpoints is wide, making it difficult to reach a firm judgment. To make things easier for you, I've compiled a list of everything I can locate on the subject.

To begin with, the rokkr App does nothing illegal in and of itself. It's merely a wrapper or interface that connects you to streaming websites. Because these websites are deployed as a separate bundle, they may not be considered part of the rokkr app. The software is advertised as a multimedia browser, and it does exactly that.

The URLs you install as a package aren't lawful. Streaming content for free without paying the needed and associated royalties has never been legal, and it may never be.

So, if you're using the Rokkr app, how horrible is it? It's difficult to say. Again, there are differing viewpoints. I'd recommend using a VPN connection if you really must use this program and want to be entirely protected. That does not, however, make it any less accountable. Because you are simply streaming the content and not uploading it, firms are unlikely to care about you because uploading a show or movie results in a greater loss for them. Having saying that,if a crackdown occurs and it is confirmed that you streamed something from Rokkr, you may be required to pay a license fee, which can be rather costly. So, remain safe once more!


There will always be a way to watch movies, TV series, sports channels, news channels, and other content for free on the internet. The legitimacy of such methods, however, will always be questioned. Rokkr is in the same boat. If you stick to tried-and-true options, you'll always be safe.

Torrents have been around for a long time, and despite being banned in some countries, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individuals still use them. Similarly, as the demand for on-screen entertainment grows, so does the quantity of free streaming possibilities. In the market, the rokkr App is a relatively new name. It's difficult to say what challenges it will confront in the future. That said, as long as it works, it's a fantastic tool that gives you access to practically anything you can imagine, and the quality is quite good.

Its feature set is currently restricted, but as I have stated, this may change as it develops popularity. For the time being, the rokkr app does the job without too much fuss, and you may give it a try if you want. There don't appear to be any risks associated with it so far, and you have the added benefit of no commercials interrupting your binge-watching sessions. This is a significant advantage of rokkr over direct streaming from websites such as putlocker and 123movies, where the commercials are both disgusting and numerous.

Download - Rokkr:

Rokkr The official Download for Android TV APK Free and Ios

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