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Download Last Day on Earth: Survival (Mod Menu: Free Craft) for Android

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Current version: 1.19.1
Obliged: Android 5.0 and above
Category: Simulators
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Last Day on Earth: Survival (Mod Menu) – Before us is a great survival game that combines everything that players love so much, namely complete freedom of action, a huge world to explore where you can play with real people, the ability to build (craft) objects and structures, and so on many, many bloodthirsty zombies. The actions of the game Last Day take place in the near future, namely in 2027, when a terrible tragedy occurred, in which more than eighty percent of the world’s population died.

The reason for this was a biological weapon, which escaped into the air through the negligence of the army, and as a result almost all inhabitants of the earth turned into bloodthirsty zombies. You are lucky to be one of the survivors, now your life is in your hands and you must try to do everything in your power to save it. You have to play for a character who will have absolutely nothing in the beginning, he will appear in front of us in his underpants, you will have to put a lot of effort and time to find with your own hands the items and things you need to survive.

That is, first you need to find food, make yourself primitive tools for hunting and extracting resources, then you need to think about building a house and about your safety. In terms of construction, they do not infringe on anything, build whatever you want, only your imagination can help in this difficult matter. When all the resources in your territory are exhausted, it’s time to visit your neighbors, loot and select resources and food during the day, and watch out for the vagaries of the weather and of course the walking dead at night.

Also do not forget about the character, feed him, check his life indicators, dress him and protect him. Last Day simply offers huge possibilities in the crafting window, hundreds of all kinds of items, recipes, blueprints with which you can make millions of different items ranging from an ordinary ax to vehicles and huge houses.

Last Day on Earth: Survive

Last Day on Earth: Survival download hack (MOD) free

If you enter Sector 7 with a mod, the game can block you!
Menu mod (available by default):
– Free crafting and building
– Infinite skill points (you can spend them in min)
– Distribution of separate things
– Eating as much food as possible satisfies hunger and thirst

In addition, you can activate:
– Dividing items increases their number
– Unlock all crafting recipes (regardless of character level)
– Instant movement on foot on the world map (events do not appear without expending energy)
– First aid kits and food are not thrown away after use (turn off if you are unable to deliver items)
– Immortality
– High damage
– Fast pass
– Mobs stand still

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival (Mod Menu: Free Craft) for Android

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