Download Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ (MOD OsmAnd Live navigation unlocked) for android

Download Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ (MOD OsmAnd Live navigation unlocked) for android

Maps and GPS Navigation OsmAnd+
Current version: 4.2.7
Required: Android 6.0 and up
Russian language: Present
Category: Navigation and Maps
Views: 85733

OsmAnd+ – A reliable navigator for android with detailed maps that will help you navigate in unfamiliar cities, as well as help you find the desired object on the map and show you how to quickly get to it. The main advantage of the OsmAnd+ Maps and GPS Navigation program for Android is the ability to work without an Internet connection.

For the application to work correctly, you must first install it, and then download the maps you need, then all work will take place without connecting to the network. You need to download the maps of cities or other settlements directly from the program itself, and if you want, you can download not the entire map, but a certain piece of it. On detailed maps you will see various objects located near you.

So without difficulty, in an unfamiliar place, you can find the nearest hotel, cafe, ATM, hospital, cinema, public transport stops and stuff like that. This application is useful for almost any user, because it has modes for a pedestrian, a motorist and a cyclist. Depending on the selected mode, a route will also be built, and the navigator will automatically select the shortest path, taking into account various factors.

When driving along the route you set, voice commands will be used to warn you in advance of various obstacles. For example, drivers will be prompted how much to turn, when to change lanes, warnings about signs, speeding and stuff like that are also shown. In addition to all of the above, there are many very useful tools, such as data from Wikipedia about objects on the map, recording your route, switching maps to sea or ski, video or audio notes, and so on.

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