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CarX Street

1.74.6 Android 5.0+
evaluation 2085 | 3.2
An exciting and attractive racing game

CarX Street is an exciting and engaging racing game that features classic competitive racing for two players and has been developed by CarX Technologies, LLC for all Android devices.

Also, in the game, users will play as new competitors and thus will master cars on dangerous roads and will compete with many opponents in fierce competition.

Take the steering wheel and control your car with flexible and professional controls as well as use some great tricks to overcome the difficult curves and beat your opponents using Nitro for speed and when you win, you will get many rewards and valuable prizes and then players can use this reward to unlock and upgrade cars

Download game CarX Street for Android with a direct link

in CarX Street racing game apk The developers have introduced many high-quality racing cars and they are updating these vehicles according to the current popular car trends

Therefore, players need to prepare funds to unlock the best advanced and professional cars. In addition, you can upgrade your car to increase the power stats. To win the game screen, you can not only rely on the car, but also must coordinate with your powerful skills along the track.

Remember also that you will face thousands of opponents but if you escape by mistake, you will meet the police and you need to escape again from them as you will be chased on your way to the finish line so try not to get caught and join the CarX Street road races today and enjoy the attractive gameplay experience.

It should be noted that you will participate in competitions to confirm your level, the game looks great when we buy a lot of supercars but here you can easily buy everything and upgrade the car in this full version.

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What is the mode of play CarX Street apk for Android mobile

CarX Street is a racing game based on real physics in addition to the game style is wonderful and realistic and the gameplay is unique and fun as it includes multiple game modes and supports touch screen and remote sensing

The control method covers a variety of sports cars to unlock and here in the face of multiplayer competition. Escape from brutal police pursuits and immerse yourself in action-packed tracks for a unique fast and furious experience.

As a highly advanced mobile racing game, CarX Street highlights the most important multiple game modes with lots of cool cars to unlock and ride with other players on the road and thus it is necessary to chase the opponent and avoid the police at the same time.

The game also has two modes of touch screen and remote sensing, so you can switch cameras independently, drive a car, and run with the gas pedal.

Also, during the game, in addition to the skills you need to control the car, the modification of the car itself is also particularly important. So it is also necessary to update and modify the various equipment and change the color of the body paint.

KEY FEATURES OF THE GAME CarX Street for Android

Since you log in CarX Street game for Android You will see that there are many, many countless advantages, and among the most important and prominent of these features are the following:

Instructional and instructional lessons

The main menu provides players with game parameters and links to each of the game’s functions such as customization abilities, upgrading, racing, selling or buying cars, and they limit the game settings to the volume of the background music only.

There are also some hidden objects on the left side. This screen includes settings, player profiles, and achievements. The game parameters displayed at the top include the current model, money, power level, and the current level of the player.

And when the game starts, you’ll only have a small amount of money to buy a car and take part in the initial race. Forward first, and therefore you must earn money to unlock other features

No matter which race you choose, the game mechanics are very similar to other racing games. After the countdown ends, the acceleration will increase automatically and you will enter the race. All control options are displayed on the screen and you can use the directions on the screen to control the vehicle

Game download features CarX Street for Android

  • The game comes completely free of charge, and you can download CarX Street for Android through the download links on our apkxi website
  • Providing many, many advanced and professional cars that can be obtained with ease
  • The possibility of customizing cars through the endless options provided by the game developer team and constantly updating them
  • There are a lot of animations, advanced graphics and also fine details
  • The possibility of playing without the need to connect to the Internet, and thus enjoy the game at any time and everywhere through the screen of your mobile phone
  • The game is compatible with all Android devices and thus play CarX Street without any problems

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