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This application enables you to use Google services very accurately.

Google Installer application for Android There are most devices that run on the Android system, so you cannot download all Google applications that facilitate a lot for us, especially the Google Store, which downloads many applications and games through it, but with the Google Installer application, this problem has been solved, so you can download this application On your phone, through which you download any Google application that you want on your phone, everyone knows that Google applications are not installed on Chinese devices, and this matter is due to the differences that have occurred with China and the Americans, so it became a political dispute between them, so the developers issued this application so that everyone Download Google applications that are indispensable today.

Google Installer app for Android

All recent versions of phones do not include Google service, and default Google applications are not loaded on them like old phones, and this is due to the United States banning these applications from new phones that have been issued from new, when you buy any modern phone, you do not find Google applications on it, and the bliss of the Google Play Store Which was present in all old applications, but this matter was solved through this application, so we can download all known Google applications through the Google Installer application.

This ideal application solves all the problems that occurred because of the policies and differences between China and America, as it runs all Google applications on all modern Android phones, and this application is also compatible with all smart phones, and this application is also distinguished by its ease of use, as it contains an easy and simple main interface You can deal with it immediately after downloading, so there is no complication in it. It is indeed an application that solves a big problem that exists on all modern phones now, because all people are accustomed to the well-known Google applications, so a day does not pass except that we browse the Google Chrome browser or install an application or game from the Google Play Store This is why we never dispense with the Google Apps series.

Download the Google Installer app for Android

This application makes you download all known Google applications such as Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Maps and all applications related to Google. in your phone and then this app will ask you for your location in order for it to work successfully.

You can install all Google applications through this application with one click from within it, as there is a large blue button inside this application. You can press it to install Google applications, and after downloading all applications, restart your phone again. You will see that Google services and all applications are present. On your modern phone that does not support Google services, Google services will now be available on your Android phone.

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Features of the latest Google Installer app

  • This application runs all Google applications on modern Android phones that have blocked the default Google applications on the phone.
  • This application does not require a large amount of space available on the phone, as it is small in size and is compatible with all modern Android phones.
  • This app is free to download and does not require any payment or subscription fees.
  • This application is easy to use as it has an uncomplicated main interface that you can deal with from the first time.
  • This application makes you download all known Google applications with just one click.

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