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Twitter – Twitter

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One of the most popular social networking applications

The application TwitterTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, which has achieved wide spread among users of different groups and ages. Twitter is an American site that allows you to send tweets of no more than 280 characters per tweet, in what is known as the micro-blogging service. A Tweet can contain a photo, video, or words you share with friends. You must have an email address in addition to an internet connection to register on Twitter. These Tweets appear on the user’s page, and friends can read them directly from their home page or visit the profile of the user who tweeted. Twitter has been available in Arabic since March 2012.

Download the Twitter application for Android with a direct and fast link

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, as it is easy to use and browse, because all tweets or posts are short, concise, and meaningful, and are easy to browse.

You can download the Twitter application through our website via the direct link to the application in the article, and then start using the application in many uses that we will review below:

  1. Tweet Tweet: With the Twitter app, you can compose tweets of up to 280 characters and post them on your own page. You can also add up to 4 photos along with videos and other animations. You can edit these Tweets later or delete them from your personal account.
  2. Retweet: Inside the Twitter app, you’ll find a Retweet icon, where you can post other people’s tweets and add their comments on them.
  3. Follow other users Follow: Through this, you can follow friends, important people, or celebrities, and all their tweets, photos, videos, and more.
  4. In-app search: Twitter users can search for tweets from friends, celebrities, or VIPs using keywords or hashtags. Using multiple search options that include controlling and filtering search results.
  5. Sending Direct Messages: Go to the Messages tab. Click on the New Message icon. Type the name of the user to whom the message will be sent, then choose the name from the list of search results. Click Next to return to the message. Write the message and click Send.
  6. Control receiving private messages directly from followers on Twitter: The user can receive direct messages only from followers of up to 1000 characters per message. If you want to receive messages from anyone, you can enter the settings for your account, then activate the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” option.

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Trend and hashtags in the Twitter application

  1. Trend: It is a popular and circulating topic in discussions and tweets in the Twitter application during a certain period, and the trend may be a word or phrase before which the hashtag symbol (#) is placed. The trend may be specific to a specific region, and when you click on it, all results will appear. You can follow the news and events that interest you at the local and global levels through its own trends.
  2. HashtagHashtags are used using the symbol (#) to index keywords related to events and topics to facilitate their appearance in search results. You can follow the events and topics you want to follow by clicking on its hashtag; Displays all tweets that contain this hashtag.

How do you download and use the Twitter application?

  1. In order to be able to use the Twitter application, first download the application on your phone from its direct link in the article, then install it on your phone.
  2. Open Twitter, the main screen of the application will appear. Click on Sign up, to create an account on the application; This is so that you can use it.
  3. When the account registration screen appears, fill in your information including your name, email account, and password. An account will be created for you on the app.
  4. After opening the application with the account you created and entering the password, you can add your friends to follow them on Twitter or follow celebrities and VIPs.
  5. Your homepage will now appear blank, you can start annotating your tweets for your friends and followers to see on their homepage.

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Change Twitter app settings

From within the application, click on Settings and privacy to enter and customize the settings as follows:

  • Through the settings, you can modify your photo, name, blog privacy, location, brief information about your personality, time, and website address.
  • If you want to change your profile pictures, go to it and click on Edit profile.
  • To change the colors of your Twitter page, click on Theme color.
  • Blogging within the Twitter application is a micro-blogging, the Tweet should not exceed 280 characters, so you can use the well-known link shortening service to abbreviate any link for a short link.
  • To delete the account on Twitter, click on the Deactivate your account option.

Follow your friends’ posts and catch up on VIPs on Twitter

  1. To search for your friends or specific people and follow their posts, type in their name and press Enter.
  2. When their account appears on your homepage, click the Follow button to the right of their name.
  3. After clicking Follow, the word Pending will appear instead of Follow. This means that the follow-up request is pending.
  4. The person you sent a follow request to will see an alert on their homepage.
  5. If he accepts the follow request, you will receive his news and tweets on Twitter.
  6. You can store your friends’ Tweets on Twitter, you can click on the heart icon at the bottom of each Tweet.
  7. You can also repost a post on the app by clicking on the two arrows icon next to the heart.
  8. You can comment on posts by clicking on the comment icon.

You will find many services and options within the Twitter application, which you can discover by yourself when you download the Twitter application from the direct link within the site.

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