Download free Eisenhorn: Xenos apk & ios

Download free Eisenhorn: Xenos apk & ios 

Game depiction: Eisenhorn: Xenos: 

Eisenhorn: Xenos - experience amusement in Warhammer universe in light of the books of British writer Dan Abnett and created by Pixel Hero Games. The amusement recounts the narrative of Gregor Eisenhorn who was sent to battle and guard the humankind from any conceivable dangers. The amusement happens against the foundation of dull and brutal occasions and you'll have to assume the part of the fundamental character, the Inquisitor. Be prepared to dynamite continuous fights with the foe. To guard utilize the sword, different weapons, and mental impact.

Game features:

  • Absorbing story
  • Dangerous battles with the enemy
  • Good controls
  • Ultra modern graphics

Download Links: 

Android 5.0 and higher. v1.0 [10.7 MB] [apk]

Android 5.0 and higher. Game cache. v1.0 [2.65 GB] [zip]


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