FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK and ios

FIFA Mobile 2022

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK and ios

 FIFA Mobile is a football simulation video game for iOS and Android that was developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and released by EA Sports. It was published for iOS and Android on October 11, 2016. Until 2017, Microsoft Windows was also featured. It was revealed at Gamescom 2016 on August 16, 2016.


The game has a new "VS Attack" mode in which players focus on the offensive phases of a match. They must also defend against opposing counter-attacks. Asynchronous turn-based multiplayer is featured in VS Attack Mode. The game also includes Live Happenings based on current events in the real world, as well as mini-games focused on shooting, passing, dribbling, and goalkeeping skills. It also includes competitions based on the Champions League and other international leagues.

Development and release

The game was revealed by EA during Gamescom 2016 on August 16, 2016, and it was published worldwide on October 11, 2016, for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

FIFA Mobile support for Windows devices was discontinued by EA in November 2017.

FIFA Mobile 17 :

is a mobile version of FIFA Football.

EA Sports stated on June 23, 2016, that the J1 League and J.League Cup would be included in the game for the first time. A

t the Brasil Game Show 2016, EA Sports revealed that 18 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A teams will be featured in their respective leagues (Corinthians and Flamengo, who signed an exclusivity deal with Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer, do not appear). Five teams from Série B are also competing. The user cannot modify the player names for the Brazilian teams in the game.

FIFA Mobile 18 

The Bundesliga's third tier, the 3. Liga is played there, as well as the Turkish Süper Lig, which EA extended their license with.

FIFA Mobile 19 

The UEFA Champions League is introduced in FIFA Mobile 19.

[13] It has been announced that the game would have a licensed Serie A soundtrack.  The CSL will be included in the game, making it the first FIFA game to do so. [ However, the Russian Premier League will not be included in the game, as it was in FIFA 18 Mobile and prior FIFA mobile versions. CSKA Moscow, Spartak Moscow, and Lokomotiv Moscow from the Russian Premier League were retained, while Dinamo Zagreb, Dynamo Kyiv, Slavia Praha, and Viktoria Plzen were added to the game. Buenos Aires appears as Boca Juniors.Since the team negotiated an agreement with Konami, Boca Juniors appears in the game as Buenos Aires FC; similarly, Colo-Colo appears as CD Viazur. The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is once again incomplete due to Konami securing deals with certain Brazilian clubs, this time with only 15 clubs, with notable omissions of S. Paulo, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Flamengo, and Vasco da Gama, all of whom are Konami partners. Despite their appearance with licensed branding, the remaining Brazilian teams do not have any licensed players due to an ongoing judicial dispute over image rights, which are negotiated individually with each player in Brazil, unlike in other nations.

FIFA Mobile 20

There are over 30 formal leagues in the game, over 700 clubs, and over 17,000 participants. For the first time, the Romanian Liga 1 and all 14 teams are included, as well as the Indian Super League (ISL) and all 11 clubs, as well as Al Ain of the United Arab Emirates, who were added after several requests from fans in the region.


For the 2021-2022 season, FIFA Soccer (FIFA Mobile) is the new version of the old FIFA. It features a new design that focuses on maximizing the mobile gaming experience. This edition introduces new gameplay, which you may learn by following the tutorial, which covers all of the new features. Apart from the new gameplay, FIFA Mobile has a ton of new material that will keep you entertained for hours, whether you're playing alone or with other gamers.

Year after year, soccer lovers and gamers alike look forward to the release of FIFA Soccer, a game that reinvents itself with each new season to provide us with one of the greatest user experiences in the area of mobile football games

The attack mode in FIFA Soccer is one of the game's standout features, allowing you to play turn-based battles against other users all over the world. This version's other notable aspects are the 30 various leagues and the ability to play in cooperative mode. You can now enjoy FIFA like never before thanks to these new features.

Although there is no career mode in FIFA Soccer, there is a season option in which you can aim to move your team to the top of the scoreboard in any of the 30 leagues offered. There's also a new system that can keep you up to speed on everything that's going on in the world of soccer, and you can play a variety of mini-games to help you improve and extend your roster. With FIFA Soccer, you'll discover a new way to play soccer on your smartphone.

FIFA on Android 

It would have been difficult to conceive not long ago that we would be able to enjoy playing a game like this on our phones. The simulator has been polished to provide us with the most realistic experience possible in high-level soccer matches: dribbling, shooting, tackles, off-ball play, strategies... everything has been improved and adapted to the touchscreen controls of mobile devices, bringing it closer to the level of the same game released by Electronic Arts for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

Furthermore, we must not overlook one of the most fundamental advantages that FIFA has always had over rivals such as PES: the fact that it has the highest number of official licenses for teams and players. As a result, we'll be able to play with our favorite teams in hundreds of national and international leagues and tournaments, and we'll be able to control some of the biggest names in the game right now: Mbappé, Salah, Oblak, Hazard, De Bruyne, Neymar, Kane... Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Salah, Oblak, Hazard, De Bruyne, Neymar, Kane...


FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

In FIFA Mobile, you may create your own Ultimate Team and compete against your friends!


Play as top teams like Real Madrid or Manchester City in fast-paced football action for the first time. To make your imprint on the biggest stage, compete against other users in well-known real-world derbies.


FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK


Create your Ultimate Team with players from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, and more leagues. To boost their chemistry and propel your Starting 11 to the top of the leaderboards, form your squad with football players from the same country, league, or team.

  • Participate in one of over 600 online events.
  • Participate in all official contests.
  • In real-time 11v11 football matches, you can play with and against other users just like you.
  • Create an Ultimate Team with players from all of the major leagues and work on your chemistry to try to reach the top of the standings.
  • Earn incentives and qualify for different tournaments based on your weekly and monthly performance. Compete for a spot among the top 100 players on the planet.
  • Participate in UEFA Champions League and Europa League special events.

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK


Play 11v11 against your pals in real-time. Make a list of your in-game buddies and keep track of your head-to-head record to earn bragging rights. It's about to get personal in this pitch.


Kick-off against teams from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, two of club football's most prominent events. Throughout the season, participate in playable live events that correspond to real-world competitions to win special UCL and UEL Players. Follow every step of the way, from the group stages to the UEFA Champions League Final.

Build a team full of football heroes, with 100 of the game's best ICONS available right now, from Pelé and Zidane to Maradona and Paolo Maldini. Completing interesting tasks and reaching historic milestones are just a few of the things you can do. Put your name in the history books of football.

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK


 Play an authentic football calendar and advance through the levels of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, and more with the new Seasons mode. Seasonal milestone prizes aid in the development of your squad as you progress through the league, ultimately allowing you to compete for league crowns. On your journey to global football dominance, crush the opposition.

Now that you know, don't miss out on the best soccer of the new 19-20 season by playing FIFA 20 for Android, which is a true demonstration of power in terms of mobile soccer games.

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

FIFA Mobile 2022 download  ios

FIFA Mobile 2022 download APK

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