Download Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival (MOD Free Craft | VIP) for android

Download Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival (MOD Free Craft | VIP) for android

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
Current version: 4.1.0
Required: Android 5.0 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Simulators
Views: 33657

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival – This game is like a clone of the famous survival game Last Day on Earth, only made in the style of the Middle Ages with dark fantasy graphics. As in the original, here you have to survive in the most difficult conditions. At first, our hero is completely at a loss, he absolutely does not have a single means of survival, everything has to be obtained by painstaking work.

First you have to take care of food, find some berries or run around the area in search of a dead animal. Next, you need to build your first shelter, which will protect your character from the misfortunes of enemies. After all the manipulations, start exploring the territory, find useful items and collect them in your inventory, then they will be needed to build the first items.

I would like to note that the crafting system in the Grim Soul game for Android is quite diverse. There are a lot of different items available for crafting in grim soul, and as your level grows, new recipes and things will open. It is worth remembering that every decision you make directly affects the life of the character, so you need to weigh everything every time you do something.

A rather huge number of different enemies also pleases, each creature, whether it be a zombie knight or a feral animal, has its own style in attack and has a set of individual skills. So it’s stupid to attack everyone with one style, you will need to look for an approach to each enemy. Also, do not forget to visit other players with whom you can make friends or just stupidly rob, taking all his loot. The graphics are excellent, the atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns around.

Menu mod (available by default):
– VIP activated

Plus you can enable:
– Free crafting, building, upgrading
– Instant crafting at the workbench
– All recipes are open
– Duplication of single items
– When dividing resources, their number increases
– Infinity weapon durability
– Instant movement on FOOT on the global map (if energy is not spent, events do not appear!)

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