Download Adguard Premium (Premium) for android

Download Adguard Premium (Premium) for android

Adguard Premium
Current version: 3.6.48 / 4.0.75
Required: Android 5.0 and up
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Category: Internet
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Adguard Premium – Perhaps the only normal program for android that has an excellent set of various tools for completely blocking ads, as well as for protecting your personal data. Ad Guard is the program that will block ads in any browser installed on your device, as well as in any other applications, such as free games or programs.

The most amazing thing is that it does not require root rights to work, just install it on any device and enjoy. Also, thanks to this blocker, when working with a browser, you will save traffic, the fact is that advertising consumes quite a lot of Internet traffic, and with Adguard it will be blocked even before the page is loaded. In addition to all the functionality described above, the program has a powerful module to protect your device, as well as your personal data.

The anti-phishing function, thanks to its unique filters, checks all web pages that you visit for malicious scripts and other nasty things that can harm your mobile device. The same thing happens with programs and games downloaded to the device, if phishing filters detect any threat, then it is immediately blocked.

When you surf the Internet without protection, various statistics services and advertising networks can easily collect your personal data, such as tracking your search queries, browsing history, and so on, but thanks to the anti-tracking module, you don’t have to worry about this. All information entered by the user, all actions on the network will be encrypted, so that no one can track you, that is, complete confidentiality.

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