Download GPS AntiRadar (radar detector) Premium (Full version) for android

Download GPS AntiRadar (radar detector) Premium (Full version) for android

GPS AntiRadar (radar detector) Premium
Current version: 32.4
Required: Android 5.0 and up
Russian language: Present
Category: Navigation and Maps
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GPS AntiRadar – Premium version of a very useful utility for motorists, which will help them feel more confident behind the wheel. After all, this application works as a radar detector that warns the driver about speed cameras and traffic police radars. While driving, when approaching such points, the program will analyze the current speed of the car, and if it is higher than 20 km/h, it will start emitting warning sounds.

Thus, you can avoid fines for exceeding and save your nerves and family budget. Such a miracle works on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The data is taken from open sources and is always up to date, as it is updated almost weekly. Also, users themselves can add found cameras and share information with others.

GPS AntiRadar for Android can work in the background with the display turned off, and if necessary, issue warning messages. Of course, it is difficult to achieve one hundred percent accuracy of work, because cameras appear quickly on the roads, and they get into the database with a delay, but in 90% the program will help you out. But it is better to follow the rules of the road and not bathe))).

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