Download GTA: San Andreas (Mod menu: a lot of money) for android

Download GTA: San Andreas (Mod menu: a lot of money) for android

GTA: San Andreas
Current version: 2.10
Required: Android 7.0 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Action & Shooter
Views: 406103

GTA: San Andreas (Mod menu: a lot of money) – The mobile version of the legendary GTA San Andreas, which from the computer version was ported to mobile devices as accurately as possible by the guys from the Rockstar Games studio. We have to play for a famous person, a guy named Carl Johnson, who returned to his native state of San Andreas and immediately got into trouble with the murder of a policeman. Now Karl must try to prove his innocence and deal with gangster cases, and you will help him with this.

You have to explore just a huge game world that mobile devices have never seen before, the gameplay of GTA: San Andreas on Android lasts more than 70 hours, during this time you need to complete various quests, hide from the police, resist gangs and much more. The most amazing thing in GTA is that the player can do absolutely anything he wants, it will only depend on you how events will develop, whether you want to complete quests, or just play the fool, stealing cars, beating passers-by, fighting with the police.

In addition, no one will forbid you to visit various establishments, for example, you can go to the store and get dressed, or you can get yourself a cool haircut and get a tattoo along the way, if you want to go to the gym and shake your muscles or visit a casino and win a lot of money, that is, any of your desires in the game the law. The graphics are of excellent quality, it is made in the colors of the 90s, the huge game world is divided into three cities and each is worked out to the smallest detail, roads, paths, infrastructure, everything looks amazing.

Download gta san andreas for android should be every self-respecting gamer, especially fans of the series, believe me, you will definitely not be disappointed and will be able to play your favorite game directly on your smartphone or tablet for months. In addition, I would like to note that this mobile version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has full support for the Russian language, can save gameplay to the cloud, and will also provide you with the opportunity to listen to your songs instead of the standard ones.

Options available to be controlled from the menu
– add health
– add health and money
– add stamina
– get a hearse
– get a fuel truck
– get a tank
– get Apache helicopter
– get jetpack
– get stock car 1
– get stock car 2
– get stock car 3
– get stock car 4
– get weapons
– get Revolution

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