Download The Room (MOD full version) for android

Download The Room (MOD full version) for android

The Room
Current version: 1.08
Required: Android 4.1 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Puzzle
Views: 9113

The Room – An amazing puzzle game that has been released on mobile platforms for a long time, but it is still very popular and pleases players with its innovative gameplay. The latter is a kind of mixture of a puzzle and a quest, in each level you have to crack the protective mechanism of the presented box or box, for this you need to rotate the object in different directions and find various secret compartments that will contain various items needed to break the next lock.

The game The Room for Android will make you literally break your head over the decision, because each box is sealed tightly, and not by one mechanism, but by several, as soon as one lock is opened, access to another immediately appears and so on until you get to the very center. During the study, you need to be very careful, you should carefully examine everything, rotate, zoom in and move, because the objects necessary for solving are usually hidden quite competently.

Very often, during the solution, you will need to resort to special devices, such as a monocle, with its help you can see those things that are not visible to the naked eye, such as fingerprints, special characters, and so on. If you get stuck during the solution, and this will happen very often, you can turn to the tips, which are also very interesting and unusual.

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