Download The Room Two (MOD: Russian version) for android

Download The Room Two (MOD: Russian version) for android

The Room Two
Current version: 1.10
Required: Android 4.1 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Puzzle
Views: 43360

The Room Two (Mod: Russian version) – Continuation of a masterpiece three-dimensional puzzle in which we will once again explore the rooms and try to open various objects securely locked with locks and other technologies. This game is able to develop logical thinking, perfectly trains memory and attentiveness and makes you plunge headlong into the world of discoveries and complex riddles.

So, the gameplay in The Room Two for android will send you to the first room, there will be the first box, exploring it, focus on small details, rotate in different directions, choosing the right angle to examine the mechanisms. Open different doors, find objects and use them to solve. Do not forget to read the scrolls, there may be useful information on the solution.

Over time, special devices will be available, such as lenses, color filters or a monocle, with their help, even the smallest details inside the object under study can be seen. If you reach a dead end, then use the hint system, although they will not present you with a complete solution, but they will definitely direct you in the right direction.

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