Download Angry Birds Transformers (MOD money) for android

Download Angry Birds Transformers (MOD money) for android

Angry Birds Transformers
Current version: 2.18.0
Required: Android 4.4 and up
Russian language: Present
Category: Arcade
Views: 27791

Angry Birds Transformers (Mod: a lot of money) – Awesome arcade shooter from Rovio in which the Angry Birds will team up with the Transformers and go to Pig Island together to clear it of inveterate enemies. Here we have to play for alien Autobirds, which now have upper and lower limbs, are armed with powerful lasers and turn into machines at any moment.

The gameplay here is dynamic and very interesting, the character you have chosen will go through small levels where green pigs have settled in ingenious buildings. Your task is to find the weak points of these buildings and inflict damage in time to destroy the building as much as possible and destroy several opponents at a time. Villains are now smarter, hide well and attack you back.

Gradually, you will earn experience and money for which you can unlock new transforming birds, buy them and improve their characteristics and skills. Each transformer is unique, you will have to study their strengths and weaknesses in order to use them effectively in battle. In addition, various boosters and abilities will help you, as well as brothers who can be called to help in difficult times.

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