Download Cover Fire (MOD money | VIP 5 | immortality | built-in cache) for android

Download Cover Fire (MOD money | VIP 5 | immortality | built-in cache) for android

cover fire
Current version: 1.23.12
Required: Android 6.0 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Action & Shooter
Views: 52827

Cover Fire (MOD: a lot of money | built-in cache) – One of the few high-quality shooters made in the style of a shooting gallery, in which you have to confront the army of one powerful corporation together with your team of experienced fighters. Competently command your special forces, adjust their parameters and characteristics, buy new weapons and improve existing ones.

Each member of your squad has special skills, you should take this into account before starting a mission and directly in battle. After all, if you take the wrong fighter, or give him the wrong gun, then most likely the task will fail and you will have to start all over again. The game has a huge arsenal of guns, a lot of interesting equipment and military supplies.

The Cover Fire shooter for android is really rich in firearms, all kinds of pistols, rifles, powerful shotguns, sniper guns, bombs, grenades and much more. All this goodness will not be available for free, it must first be upgraded and then bought for game currency. Money is obtained rather reluctantly, but if you download the mod version, you will get a lot of money and vip level 5, which will greatly simplify the gameplay. The graphics are simply gorgeous, well-drawn locations and incredibly detailed all types of weapons.

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