Download Motionleap Pro (Full version) for android

Download Motionleap Pro (Full version) for android

Motionleap Pro
Current version: 1.3.13
Required: Android 7.1 and up
Russian language: Present
Category: Multimedia
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Motionleap Pro – Premium version of a wonderful graphic editor, which is mostly focused on creating photo animation. Thus, in just a couple of clicks, you can breathe life into your photos by making any objects in the picture move. It turns out original animations played in a circle or back and forth, which you can post to your social profiles. networks.

This effect has conquered Instagram users, and now thanks to Enlight Pixaloop Pro you can animate photos on your Android device. In addition to all kinds of filters and effects, the application boasts powerful tools and functions that allow you to process, improve and edit your selfies and photos in every possible way.

The most inexperienced user will be able to deal with the program, everything is intuitive and simple. The arrows will show the direction of movement, select the object and apply a filter, and on those parts that should not move, you need to set special anchors. You can then set the animation speed, style, and direction. The resulting masterpiece will be appreciated by your followers and friends on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.

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