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A distinctive game that attracts fans of MOBA games

Auto Chess Moba is a mobile game that attracts MOBA fans based on the content and characters of the popular Auto Chess game, developed by DRAGONEST GAME and then released for Android devices

However, combined with engaging 5vs5 multiplayer games, this new game brings a whole new world of ancient and mysterious heroes and then players discover once again fascinating stories about their favorite heroes.

So if you are a fan of adventure and fun games, you are now with one of the most important and powerful games that have been newly provided at all.

Download game Auto Chess Moba for Android with direct link

As we mentioned that this game is very interesting and developed by Dragon Nest as this developer is known in the world for creating multiplayer role-playing games. Moreover; Auto Chess Moba is the company’s first MOBA project

The technology designed and used in this game is very popular in many other games and it does not have much functionality. However, the game maker is trying to showcase its business to create competition in the market.

The game will make full use of the player’s skills to win and recharge which helps the player to get only beautiful clothes and buy a lot of endless fun stuff

In addition, the developer has been keen on all the things that users need in addition to the animation that depends entirely on artificial intelligence, which in the end made the game not compared to other similar games.

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gameplay Auto Chess Moba for Android

Like many other MOBA games, Auto Chess Moba apk It has traditional ways to play where players will join a team of 5 and your task is to fight against another team and destroy enemy buildings to win

In addition, the map system will be divided into 3 separate lines where players will choose different generals to separate the roads and then you will need to destroy the soldiers on the map to get money

After that you can use the money to buy different equipment and things which in turn will help you to develop your skills completely

And you must remember well, that in Auto Chess Moba you cannot win alone instead, you will need to cooperate with your teammates as this will give you a higher chance of winning

Specifically, players will invite their teammates to fight together to win great goals on the map and the battle can determine the outcome of the game so be careful every time

In the end if the players win the game they can get some small rewards so you have to collect them to buy your favorite heroes and upgrade your levels and fighting skills

Game Download Features Auto Chess Moba apk for mobile

The game has many countless features, the most prominent of which are the following:

many heroes

in Download Auto Chess Moba for Android , the entire hero system is inherited from the popular Auto Chess game and then you can choose different heroes and use them in the battle. Each hero will play a different role in the team such as resistance, magic, artillery, support, etc. The choice of hero will greatly affect the way you play.

In addition, each hero will provide 4 different skills, which are unlocked after the minimum is reached, and the skill points increase as the level increases.

Heroes can also carry two optional powers. However, players will have to practice a lot until they get used to using heroes’ skills and mastering combos.

Advanced equipment and items

Auto Chess Moba has a lot of unique equipment to give your heroes more stats, in the beginning the choice of the hero will largely determine the equipment you buy as your hero will become stronger when you equip him with the appropriate equipment

Therefore, you need to study your hero’s skills and equipment carefully before starting and in case you don’t know what to buy at first buy maybe not the strongest recommended item and then with time increase and develop your skills

Nice and fun design

Auto Chess Moba game has great 3D graphics. Specifically, it provides players with lovable heroes with detailed simulations of their movements and voices.

In addition, the game also offers many epic skill effects that bring real battles

Not only that, but the in-game maps are beautifully designed with classic designs including three lines and a large target inside.

The game’s sound is very diverse, including battles, team summoning, and many other fun activities.

Features of downloading a game Auto Chess Moba for Android

  • The game comes completely free, and you can download Auto Chess Moba for Android through the download links on our website.
  • It has a lot of internal details along with multiple skills and endless ways to play in order to entertain the players and provide them with everything they need
  • The ability to play without the need to connect to the Internet and thus enjoy the game anytime and anywhere
  • It is compatible with all Android devices without any problems

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