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1.1.6 Android 4.4+
evaluation 61 | 3.2
One of the most powerful and fun puzzle games

We offer you, through our website, to download the game f for Android with a direct link. It is one of the puzzle games that revolves around a beautiful idea about a crew of up to 6 to 12 players, among whom is a traitor that you must discover as you can participate in this game In one of the crew members, or you are the traitor, but all you have to do during this game is to be constantly and continuously prepared to identify the traitor within the crew. You will be up to the responsibility and save the crew and identify the traitor. Certainly, it is one of the puzzle and challenge games that you must face this challenge within the game in order to have more fun and suspense by searching and detecting the traitor and saving the crew.

Download Fun Multiplayer Role Playing Game for Android with direct link game contains a lot of fun multi-role, through the entire quest of all crew members in order to complete all their tasks and work together collectively to discover and vote on the traitor.

But if you are the one who chose the role of the traitor, then your main goal and task within the game is simply to eliminate all the crew members as well as work to cause many disturbances without revealing your identity.

Sheriff: or the Sheriff’s job, which is one of the jobs that you can choose within the game, which is to work to protect your fellow crew members from the traitor, in addition to trying to reveal his identity by working to collect information in order to get rid of the existing and preserve the crew members .

Also, inside this game you have to be very careful, as if you eliminate one of the crew members, you will easily cause your death.

Clown and your goal through this mission is to convince the crew that you are the traitor in order to deceive them and vote for you in order to win.

Features of apk download for mobile

One of the most important features that you will find inside the game is that it will help you to provide many multi-maps for the game through which you can change many scenes.

Also, the basic mode is the default mode in which you are allowed to play with crew members and traitors.

Also, if you are looking for a change of pace within the game, all you have to do is take a break and rest with friends in the unique fishing lounge and then complete the missions and upgrade your fishing equipment as you must do the utmost to Catch the biggest fish.

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Features of Betrayal

One of the most important features of the game Betrayal. io that you can share this game with many friends through the Internet.

The game has also been designed in order to be more easy and fun.

The game also contains many maps and modes that are constantly updated, through which you can change the scenes of the game.

The game also contains a set of features through which you can customize your character through a variety of features such as skins and pets.

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Download game for mobile with one direct link

Downloading the APK game through our website is certainly one of the distinctive games that you can download on your Android phone. My advice is, do not hesitate a lot and go to the download link in the article and click on it to download this game on your mobile and get many, many fun that you will find in it Which was worked on by the developers of the company who released this game to you and who are always researching and working on everything new in order to get the best performance and thus you get to have fun and do not forget to tell your friends and also you have to follow us to get permanently everything that is new .

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How to download

To get the best way to download Betrayal APK game. io Through our website, you must follow the following steps, which is to go to the download link in the article and then click on it, and it is only a few seconds and you will find the application on your phone and then you can use it immediately. (Note) This game is compatible with all Android phones and it does not need any special data in order to install it on your mobile and it is also evaluated as suitable for all age groups. Also, do not forget that if any error occurs during the download process, please contact us Through the site’s messages in order to provide you with assistance as soon as possible and do not forget that the game is free and you do not have to pay anything in exchange for downloading it to your mobile.

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