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Game Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush is one of the most popular games that King developed and initially released for Facebook in 2012, where it was part of the Facebook group of games. The company then released an official version for various phone systems, as the operating system version (Windows Phone) was launched in 2012, the (iOS) version was launched in November 2012, and the version and the operating system (Android) was launched in December of the same year. Candy Crush Saga is based on moving a group of Candies of different colors; To achieve a specific goal at each stage. The game of Candy Crush is divided into a large group of levels, which differ among themselves in terms of the goal to be achieved in each level.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Android phones with a direct link and gameplay

Candy Crush has achieved great success and widespread after its release, as the number of downloads of the game has exceeded one billion downloads so far. So, Candy Crush has occupied the first places in the App Store, as one of the most downloaded games in the world.

Candy Crush game includes a group of candies of different colors. You have to move these candies inside the game boxes in order to achieve the desired goal in each stage, using a specific number of moves that cannot be exceeded. After you collect all 3 candies of the same color together, the pieces will disappear together.

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Types of sweets within the game Candy Crush Saga and the advantages of each of them

Candy Crush has several types of sweets that are played with:

Basic Candies

It is a group of sweets characterized by their different colors, you can combine a group of basic sweets of one color to get special sweets.

Striped Candies

Candy Crush Saga is one of the special types of sweets in Candy Crush Saga that you can get by merging 4 pieces of the previous basic candies of one color, either in landscape or portrait mode. Striped sweets remove all sweets in one horizontal, vertical row, when two of them are hit together.

Wrapped Candies

It is another type of sweets that is distinctive within the game, and it is characterized by being wrapped in shape. Rolled sweets are produced by merging 5 pieces of regular sweets of one color located on one horizontal or vertical line.

The wrapped candy explodes twice in a row to remove 8 of the surrounding candy at a time, especially when hitting two wrapped candy together.

Fish Candies

It is a group of sweets that take the shape of fish. You can get it by merging 4 pieces of regular square-shaped sweets. The fish candy moves and removes a random piece of candy inside the play box. When you hit 2 fish candy together, you will produce 3 fish instead of 2 to remove 3 fish candy together.

Color Bombs

They are colored balls produced by merging 5 pieces of regular sweets horizontally or vertically. When you hit it with one candy, all the rest of the candy with the same color as the hit will disappear. If you hit two bombs together, annually all the existing sweets, a new one comes in their place.

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Utilities inside Candy Crush Saga


The game gives you 5 lives, which you can use when you lose a stage. You are compensated with a new spirit every half hour. You can also request new souls from your Facebook friends who play Candy Crush.

Lollipop Hammer candy

It is used to remove one piece of sweets from the toy box.

Free Switch

They are used to swap two candy bars for each other.


With it, you can buy all the moves, items and other utilities you need in Candy Crush Saga. Gold is accumulated through timed competitions. When you win these competitions before the time limit for them expires, you get a number of gold.

The best gameplay tactics that will help you win in Candy Crush Saga

Here we will provide you with a set of playing methods in the game Candy Crush that will help you achieve your goals within the game faster and more fun.

  1. Look for things that make a candy hole once, then repeat so you can clear the entire board and go to the next level faster.
  2. I start playing from the bottom of the board, until the candy falls. This will give you more free moves.
  3. Focus on rolled and striped candies, as they can erase about half of the board.
  4. Remove the jelly or jelly on the edge of the game board first.
  5. In each new level, select the most difficult items in that level and try to destroy them first. Try to mass destroy or crush a group of items at once.

Download Candy Crush Saga from our website via the direct link for free, enjoy the game and discover more secrets and gifts of Candy Crush game.

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