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All your training courses in one place

Download the Coursera app for Android with a direct link, It is the well-known official program for a website bearing the same name, through which you can view thousands of lessons on the Internet that are specific to many interesting and different topics as well as social sciences, as well as mathematics, biological sciences, engineering, and also education, Through it, you can also find lessons in almost all fields, and Coursera in Arabic means that it is (the profitable educational technology company) that provides the huge open courses created by teachers located within Stanford University.

What is Coursera?

Imagine a world where anyone anywhere in the world can change their lives by accessing the best and best educational experiences in the world. That is just the official motto of Coursera, which was founded in 2012 by two people who are professors at Stanford University and the two professors are Andrew Ng and Daphne Kohler and it was done in order to provide the necessary expertise in the learning process for anyone anywhere in the world and it is now considered the leading educational platform through the Internet, there are nearly six million people around the world who depend entirely on Coursera to learn the required skills In the future.

Coursera . App Contents

In total, Coursera offers nearly 600 lessons categorized and different according to the number of 20 topics required in the study, and you can register for them with just one click on the screen.

From the moment you sign up, notifications will be sent to you from that lesson, and you can broadcast some virtual sections on your Android.

includes Coursera apk In itself there is a download manager, with which you can download all the content from the different sections it contains.

Although the application is exclusively in English, through it you can find different lessons in more than 12 different languages, including Russian, Spanish, Italian, and German. Express is the necessary tool for all users of websites that are It’s named after him and you can be more aware of all the things that happen in all the different lessons you’ve been enrolled in before.

Also download the following mobile apps:

Coursera’s Features

Among the most important features of the Coursera website and application: Learn career skills, the following:

  • The application provides you with hundreds of training courses and also a complex of courses in Arabic.
  • It provides you with approved certificates after you pass a test that is specific to each course separately.
  • The program offers you the possibility to obtain accredited certificates in postgraduate studies through the Internet.
  • The application cooperates with the most prestigious and famous universities around the world so that it can provide valuable content in many well-known and different fields.
  • You can acquire different skills through different educational experiences besides that the learning process is done by the best and best teachers.
  • The program provides you with the benefit of financial support that helps those who are unable to pass all the exams to obtain the approved certificate

Does Coursera provide certificates for courses or courses?

Through the Coursera website, you will be able to enroll in all the educational courses completely free, but at that time you will only be able to follow all the explanations that are provided, so that you can pass all the questions and tests presented and in order to obtain the approved certificate from the program, you will only have to pay a sum of money as fees in The process of obtaining this accredited certificate.

Courses you can enroll in via Coursera

The Coursera program offers you hundreds of courses and also online courses, and we recommend all of the following courses for you:

  • Course to learn how to learn
  • English language course
  • A course to learn personal skills
  • Informatics courses
  • With a course to learn the field of web design
  • A course to learn the field of marketing and social marketing, and more.

Download the Coursera app for Android

you can do Download Coursera apk for Android With a direct link now and also quickly install it on the mobile for free through the direct link available via the Apkxi website at the top of this article, and the program can also be obtained by downloading the coursera mobile application for Android through the Google Play Store.

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