DNS Speed ​​Test & Changer

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DNS Speed ​​Test & Changer Android 4.4 and later
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The application enables you to know the fastest server for the phone and the network.

The DNS Speed ​​Test & Changer application for Android and iPhone is one of the applications that we cannot do without, as it helps to know the best server to install your network on, and it also chooses the most suitable for your phone, so feel free to try it and enjoy its features.

If you want to get DNS servers, you can try the DNS SPeed Test & Changer application for Android, which makes you able to see the DNS servers that are located in your place, and the application works in a very easy way, as you launch a test that enables you to see a list of all DNS servers that are available in your area.

DNS SPeed Test & Changer App for Android

After downloading the application, you can see the name of each server, and you can know the server download speed, and after knowing all the information about the server, you can choose the appropriate server for you that helps you download anything in a very fast way, and helps you browse better, in addition to that you can You open pages for different servers on your browser.

Through the application, you can change your DNS in a very fast way, the application is very easy where you can specify the DNS that you want to browse through, and then press the start button, after the application is turned green, you will be able to change your connection, You are connected through the DNS of your choice.

You can benefit from the application very much; Because it makes you able to surf the Internet freely, and the application works with the second generation network, the third generation, and the fourth generation, and it makes you able to bypass all the restrictions imposed on you by the Internet.

Download DNS SPeed Test & Changer Mobile App

You can download easily through the Play Store, or through the direct link below, and after downloading the application you can enjoy all the features of the application, the most important of which is that if your Internet connection is high speed, and you see that your web speed is not suitable for Internet speed, in In this case, your issue is related to DNS.

The results of a set of tests have shown that the 132.1% that use DNS servers is much faster than normal use, you can compare popular DNS servers by displaying DNS query speed, and thus you can know the fastest DNS server for your Internet, or for your phone mobile.

The application helps you solve the problem of web browsing speed if your Internet connection is high-speed, and therefore the biggest problems you face are DNS, and through the application you can easily improve your DNS, and solve the speed problem.

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Features of DNS SPeed Test latest version

The application is characterized by many features that made many people, especially those who face problems while browsing the Internet, download the application, the most important of which are the following:

  • You can switch your device to Android DNS in a very easy way.
  • You can use the application with all networks 2g, 3g, 4g.
  • You can use the application on all types of phones, and computers.
  • You do not need to be rooted to use the app.
  • You can store your preferred DNS.
  • Changing the DNS helps you to load faster.
  • After changing the DNS, you can open the blocked sites.
  • You can add dedicated servers, and compare them easily.
  • You can create a line chart where you can see the frequency for each DNS server.
  • You can use the DNS test to determine which DNS is suitable for the Internet, or for your mobile phone.
  • You can store your preferred DNS.
  • The application is easy, as you do not face any complications while using the application.
  • The app is free and you don’t need to charge any money when you download it.

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