Download KillApps Pro: Close All Apps (Full) for android

Download KillApps Pro: Close All Apps (Full) for android

KillApps Pro: Close all apps
Current version: 1.27.4
Required: Android 4.4 and up
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Category: Systemic
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Kill Apps Pro – A useful system application that allows you to completely close programs and services running in the background in order to optimize device performance and save battery power. The utility works both with user programs and games installed by you, and with system ones. Speed ​​up your device manually or set it to automatic.

Almost always, when the screen of your phone or tablet turns off, running applications continue to work and take up RAM. All this leads to the constant consumption of the resources of your device and the discharge of the battery. It is the same with services that programs run on their own without your knowledge. To fix this, you need to translate unnecessary processes into hibernation.

Just choose which programs should work and which should not, a special white list is provided for this. Everything else will be closed, which contributes to the cooling of the device, its optimization and acceleration in general. For convenience, widgets are available on the desktop, for quick access to functions.

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