Dragon Mania Legends

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Dragon Mania Legends

Android 4.4 and later

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It is one of the games that enables you to enjoy the adventure of dinosaur marriage simply.

You can try the Dragon Mania Legends game for Android, as it is a simulation game from real reality, and when you play it, you will see yourself in a world full of strange and huge creatures that eject flames from their mouth, and these creatures are known as the Tannins and they exist in reality. Handled in an appropriate and non-brutal manner, it is a very entertaining and entertaining game.

Dragon Mania Legends for Android

The Dragon Mania game has had very many downloads, reaching 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store, and it is a famous game all over the world. itself and about you, and helps you in fighting and battles, and eliminates the enemies who are trying to eliminate and destroy you,

In the game of dragons, you can play alone, or play in the role of a group with multiple players, and if you are playing alone, your main goal in the game is, to establish a large group of your tribes so that they will fight with you and work to improve the city that you are building, and if you play with A group of players, so the warrior is strong, and when you progress in the levels, you will get many gifts and rubies, until you rise and reach the goals of each level.

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You must collect gifts and rewards as much as possible in order to be stronger in the game, and the greater the danger in the advanced levels of the game, you will get many gifts and rewards, and you will encounter a lot of things until you get gifts, you must do it even if things from your point of view are not small It gives you many gifts, such as, training and raising dragons for some of the tribes nearby you. With you against the enemies, and when you train the dragons better, you will see them with a large army in front of the enemies and show their strength and strength to achieve victory against the enemies.

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Dragon Mania game features latest version

  • Dragons game is characterized by providing money, rewards and gems, when you are interested in training and raising dragons from childhood until they become strong.
  • In this game, you have to raise dragons from childhood until they grow up and help you fight the enemies.
  • You can build your own city and create beautiful decorations according to your liking.
  • There are many different dragons in their class of up to 350 dragons that you can raise, train and group to help you fight and fight against your enemies.
  • You have to take care of the dragons to grow up and help you protect your city from criminals and enemies.
  • You have to advance through the levels in order to raise your dragons’ abilities.
  • Take the dragons on a journey through the neighboring lands to meet the owners of the other islands.
  • The game of dragons is constantly updated until it is constantly renewed, for players to enjoy and have fun.
  • Get to know your neighbors in their other cities to exchange weapons, ideas and tips.
  • There is a group chat feature in the game in which you can join one of the clans and you can be your own clan to be strong with them to fight the enemies.
  • You have to train the fantasy dragon to develop his fighting and attacking skills to fight the enemy and defend you with full force.

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