Eggy Go

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Eggy Go

1.0.5 Android 4.0+
evaluation 211 | 3.3
An action-adventure game based on the popular Fall Guys developed by NetEase team

Eggy Go, Download Eggy Go for Android with a direct linkis an action and adventure game based on the famous Fall Guys developed by NetEase team. This game offers you entertaining rounds that promise many exciting challenges, where you have to move through all the stages quickly to win the game.

Eggy Go

The spherical shape of the characters of this game is a huge advantage, as it makes it very easy to roll at full speed on the ground, to move your hero, you will have at your disposal a virtual joystick that appears on the left of the screen.

On the right, you’ll find action buttons that allow you to jump and roll on the ground, or use any skill you’ve acquired during the game.

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How to play Eggy Go for Android

Along the game tracks, you will find some purple chests, which you will have to pass to get special skills, and all this comes with amazing 3D graphics, which you can enjoy from different points of view by rotating the camera.

Another equally important feature of Eggy Go is that your task is not just to pass some challenges.

In fact, this game goes far beyond that compared to Fall Guys and enables you to interact with many other users, through the game city which often has its own oval heroes.

In addition, as you wander through the spaces and streets of this city, you will be able to pick up some things that you can later use in the mini-games.

Download Eggy Go for Android with a direct link

After downloading the game Eggy Go for Android with direct link you will face many challenges where you can compete against other characters, you have to be among the first to achieve the goal if you want to pass to the next levels and reach the final round.

In addition, while playing, you can customize the appearance of your hero differently.

And you will be able to roam freely in the city spaces offered by the game and chat with other users, and have a lot of fun, entertainment and navigation as well.

Explanation of the game Eggy Go

Eggy go has its own characteristics, but from the general description it is very similar to Fall Guys from Devolver Digital:

Players compete alone or in a team with each other during mini-games.

Where losers are eliminated, victories continue in the fight for the first place crown.

In addition to the typical Fall Guys, we have a map editor to help users implement their ideas.

In recent years, the main focus of video games has been the new style of Battle Royale, almost all major publishers have published works of this type, and all of them have been successful.

Eggy Go . game

Eggy Party is a multiplayer Battle Royale game with a funny design, in this game there is no news about weapons and killing players in all stages.

Each time 60 players enter the game and then the effort begins to reach the higher levels, but any obstacles prevent all players from progressing and multiple people are eliminated to remain one player at the end.

When you enter this game, you will notice its beautiful fantasy-like appearance in the game.

They both send you 5 minigames out of the 24 available minigames.

A number of players are eliminated in each stage and eventually win with one hand.

The whole objective of the game in all stages is to provide a funny and entertaining experience.

Thanks to the look of the game and funny scenes, this goal was easy to achieve. All you have to do is control the direction of movement, jump and dive to get the available objects, but becoming a professional in this game requires a lot of work.

Most of the mini games are designed to be completed without any knowledge of video games. The goal of the game is for the studio to constantly add new games to the game, making it easier to add new players.

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Eggy Go for Android

Experience is offered Eggy Party Hacking as a group, that’s why you’ll be in a group with a group of people each round and you have to work with them.

This creates a lot of funny scenes, your teammate may be stumbling and rushing to save him but the attempt fails and an incredibly funny scene is created.

Entertainment is the primary goal of video game making.

But a number of studios kept the revenue and profits and forgot about this important element.

Constellations remind us that entertainment is still the most important component of game making.

Join the beautiful graphics and beautiful music of the game.

Have fun with your friends, check out Pummel Party games in this style.

Features of downloading the game Eggy Go for Android with a direct link

In Eggy go the developers have prepared for you some cool and interesting features:

  • Customize the characters with clothes, hairstyles, shoes, etc.
  • Get the golden crowns for the first positions in the battle royale.
  • Unlock achievements to complete daily tasks.
  • Several modes of racing, survival and team games.

The main feature of this game is the character control, the little guy runs fast to win the race.

Competitors can push, fight and arrange all kinds of settings, in monitoring mode.

You can switch the camera to any survivor and follow them until the end of the rounds.

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