FIFA 23 Mobile BETA

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FIFA 23 Mobile BETA

18.0.02 Android 5.0 and up


evaluation 2903 | 3.3
The beta version of FIFA 22 and the original

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October 22, 2022


Download the game FIFA 23 Mobile BETA for Android with a direct link, and the name has now been changed to FIFA Soccer: Beta is a game dedicated to all football lovers with a huge number of new features and additions that the developers of this game were keen to provide in the new version.

And as it is known that football games are one of the sports that have been very popular since the time of their launch, whether in the form of games on different phone stores or through the Internet, and FIFA 22 Mobile BETA for Android is one of the most powerful games launched in the field of football.

FIFA 23 Mobile BETA for Android

Well, FIFA 23 Mobile BETA for Android allows you at the present time the trial season in a large number of countries around the world, and this feature is available on all mobile phones running the Android operating system.

During this season, the player will be able to access the original game faster, as it is available in a trial version only, and at the present time it is not available on the Play Store.

You can also get acquainted with a number of different modes in this game with limitless advantages, and we can say that FIFA Soccer: Beta for Android has been able to achieve impressive success everywhere in the world and in a limited period.

The interface of the game at the present time has been ensured that it is more streamlined than at any other time with a unique external design, and you can identify all changes by entering the game modes.

What’s new in FIFA Soccer: Beta is a high-quality animation, which has won a large number of likes.

Features of FIFA 23 Mobile BETA for Android

This game has a number of great advantages that we can identify through the following points:

  • The license for this game has been obtained from a large number of countries and various clubs as well.
  • Licensed by the UEFA Champions League.
  • You can control FIFA 22 Mobile BETA either through the buttons on the sides of the screen or by touch.
  • Continue to play with other users for a large number of seasons without having to adjust the settings for those seasons.
  • You will find a variety of modes when you download the game to choose from which suits you.
  • Define your own strategy in the game to achieve the highest winning rate in matches on an ongoing basis.
  • You can win players by the cards you collect within the game.
  • Unique high graphics with providing commentary on matches in Arabic.
  • The size of the game does not exceed 100 MB, so you do not need a large space on the phone.
  • You will need to turn on the Wi-Fi to be able to compete with others.
  • Due to the small size, this game can work on all phones, whether old or modern.
  • The best and latest football games of our time.
  • FIFA 23 Mobile BETA also has a mode to play the game without the need for a Wi-Fi network.
  • It does not contain ads that block the match in front of you.
  • Enjoy endless updates against another player through the Internet.
  • You can compete in a large number of international leagues, including the Spanish and English leagues.
  • Create your own team and manage it in the best way so that you can win all the matches.
  • A large number of challenges are unlocked every week, and if you win them you can get exclusive rewards

As we said previously, this version of the game has been developed with many and varied additions, so let’s get acquainted with the most important of those additions:

  • The design of the game is completely new than it was in the old version.
  • The comment feature on matches is one of the additions that a large number of users were looking forward to providing in the game with the availability of the Arabic language in the comments.
  • The new sound effects of cheers from the crowd and the announcer announcing the match with commentary give you the feeling of being in an actual match.
  • In this version of FIFA 22 Mobile BETA you can make many changes during the match, a feature that was not available in the old version.
  • You can activate the game mode for 60 frames per second.
  • We can say that this version is completely different from the previous version and is somewhat similar to the Korean FIFA version.

Download FIFA 23 Mobile Beta FIFA Soccer: Beta

You can get the game through our website by entering the link above, then clicking on the download button.

In some minutes the game is downloaded to your phone and you must get a vpn application, and when you start the game you must be connected to it permanently.

Also, it is better for you to use vpn Canada, then start the game right away and enjoy all the new features in FIFA 23 Mobile BETA by following various gameplay strategies.

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