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Fishing Planet

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Fishing Planet LLC

evaluation 4 | 2.5
A unique, highly realistic and multiplayer hunting simulation game

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September 28, 2022


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Fishing Planet is a unique, highly realistic and multiplayer online fishing simulation game developed by Fishing Planet LLC who are passionate fishing enthusiasts for fishermen to bring you the full excitement of actual fishing!

So you can choose your bait and then play, craft your trophies, discover new possibilities and improve your real fishing skills anytime, anywhere time with your friends

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This is not just another game about fishing like the others, it has a lot of stunning visuals, great water action and aerodynamics.

With realistic handling and behavior based on real simulation physics, most importantly, the artificially intelligent fish with totally realistic behavior makes it a realistic fishing simulator, which can help you improve your practical fishing skills!

Unique graphics, realistic game physics and advanced artificial intelligence combine to bring the real world of fishing to your screen thus enjoying the game to the fullest without getting bored.

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Features and characteristics of the game Fishing Planet apk for mobile

The game has a lot of features and countless features, and the reason for this is that the developers of the game have worked to make it more realistic and provide everything that players need, and thus the game has become more exciting and realistic thanks to those features

Among the features of the Fishing Planet game for Android are the following:

advanced fish

More than 100 species of fish have been added, each with its own unique behavior and special artificial intelligence, making users feel and everything looks smooth without any complications

Lots of beautiful scenery

Fishing Planet has added more than 17 scenic waterways with many locations, climatic conditions, bottom terrain and vegetation.

Multiple game modes

If you are a fishing lover, you are in the right place, because Fishing Planet has different game modes to suit all users

There are three types of fishing, namely “float, turn and bottom”, which makes the game more lively and mysterious

Thousands of processing units with unique physical and hydrodynamic properties

The Fishing Planet game has been developed by the best artificial intelligence engines, and therefore a lot of smart processing units with physical and hydrodynamic properties have been added, and this makes the game suitable for all different Android devices without any problems or malfunctions while playing

Many boats and vehicles

Fishing Planet game contains a lot of kayaks and 3 different types of jet skis such as metal boats, inflatable boats and bass boats with speed, durability, standards and unique features

Gorgeous dynamic watercolor graphics

In Fishing Planet a lot of ripples and surfaces have been added that change with wind, current and depth and continuously

different rituals

In addition to the above, the Fishing Planet game contains the changing weather of day and night, other changing seasons and different weather conditions such as rain, fog, bright sun, etc.

Multiplayer capabilities

Get into the game now and start competing in professional online tournaments that contain individual and team scores, achievement systems, leaderboards and top player lists.

Explore the underwater world with hundreds of different species of fish

The underwater world is full of mystery. But with Fishing Planet Fishing Simulator, you’ll get to know hundreds of different species of fish that can only be found in certain parts of the world. Take a boat to the deepest part of the lake for a better chance of encountering epic fish. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with these wonderful fish.

What makes a game Fishing Planet is different from other fishing games?

The main reason Fishing Planet differs from other fishing games is due to many reasons, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Advanced artificial intelligence system for fish behavior, related to seasonal and climatic changes, time of day, water speed, type and type of bottom (color and structure), water and air temperature, wind, etc. The bite / strike response of each fish is very realistic and natural, as well as the details of the attack lure.
  • Realistic graphics : Maximize photorealism with the latest tools: Realism All waterways are based on real locations.
  • Unique damage handling system with realistic game physics Rods, lines and pulleys break down according to their actual individual characteristics. Realistic aerodynamic and hydrodynamic environment to entice and refresh.
  • dynamic watercolor graphics The splashes, waves and ripples on the water create a totally realistic fishing atmosphere.
  • the weather -Change conditions by location, season and time of day. Possibility of sudden rain or sunshine to clouds.

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