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Head Ball 2

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An unprecedented idea among football games

Sports games always top the list of best mobile and video game consoles; This is due to its strength, excitement and enthusiasm while being completely free from scenes of violence and inappropriate events at the same time. Head Ball 2 for Android is one of the most powerful sports games that carry a very new idea in the world of football games, especially as it depends on shooting and recording The goals are in the opponent’s goal with the head, and the following is a detailed explanation of the most important features and specifications and how to download this game.

Download Head Ball 2 game for Android mobile with a direct link

Headball 2 for Android is one of the most important mobile games that have won the admiration of many players around the world. It came up with a completely new gaming idea; Through which the player is only (head + foot), and here he can shoot, kick the ball and score goals either with the head or with the foot. Allow hand use.

Download Head Ball 2 for Android with a direct link

Headball 2nd Edition for mobile can be obtained either through the official store Google Play directly or via a direct link apk available through this article at apkxi; And when you download Head Ball 2 for Android mobile; The player will find that it comes with unique characteristics among sports games, such as:

  • It is a football game; But it is designed for single player mode only; Here it is played in a PvP mode and the winner here is the one who can score the most goals.
  • Player selection, team quiz, and opponent selection is also done completely freely.
  • The area of ​​the playing field is suitable for the nature of the shooting used within the game, which makes the whole picture on the playing screen and here the player lives the events of the matches quite real.

How to play Headball for Android mobile

After selecting the player, team, opponent, stadium, and other game settings and customization; The following instructions are followed while playing:

  • Heading the ball into the player’s scoring net.
  • Accurate focus in order to be able to score goals.
  • Touch movement is used to move the player, kick and shoot the ball.
  • The player must have a great deal of professionalism and the ability to shoot, especially since shooting the ball and scoring goals through the head is not as easy as some think.

You can also get to say sports, such as:

Features of Head Ball 2 apk for Android

When you download Headball 2 on your Android mobile phone; The player will get a large number of more than wonderful features, such as:

  • The game is provided to all mobile users completely free of charge without the need to pay a purchase fee.
  • Headball 2 for Android has been based on a very professional, accurate and distinct graphics based on 3D 3D drawing technology, which enhances the degree of excitement and suspense during gameplay.
  • It has unique features in the form of a player that consists only of a head and a foot, but it includes an extraordinary amount of suspense and challenge; As it requires the player to have the superior ability to use the mobile properly in order to shoot and score goals through the head.
  • Head Ball 2 apk for mobile comes in a very small size; As the current version is only about 108MB; Which makes it completely light on the operating system and does not cause any slowdown or disruption to either the operating system or the device.
  • The game works on all versions of the old and modern Android operating environment and devices with advanced or medium capabilities as well.

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