Instant Heart Rate

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Instant Heart Rate

1.3 Android 4.4 and later
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The app simply measures your heart rates.

Downloading the Instant Heart Rate application for Android makes you enjoy the best applications that are designed to measure heart rates for individuals who use Android system phones, as it is used in an easy way by placing the person’s index finger on the camera of the phone, then the application starts to monitor his heartbeat, then He writes it on the phone screen. This application improves heart rates and heartbeats, and this is from the source of technology and recent developments that are at hand. It also works and helps to lose weight, and to track fitness, and this application is considered one of the best and most accurate applications when calculating heart rate Through the phone as it makes you need external devices.

Download the Instant Heart Rate app for Android

You can download the Instant Heart Rate application on the Android system with ease, where you can download for free without paying any fees, and also download it through its direct link, and you can download it on the Android system through the Google Play Store. The application is searched for, and then appears to us among the applications It is selected, then we click on install, and after a few seconds the application is downloaded, then the application is opened after pressing its permissions, and then the application is installed on the main screen of the mobile phone.

This Instant Heart Rate application is one of the most accurate applications when calculating the heartbeat, so you do not need external devices, and it helps you lose weight and get a better fitness, and this is one of the best developments and updates for applications on the mobile system, where the application draws a graph that draws The heart shows you how healthy the heart is in it, and through the application, I was able to measure the heart rate with the numbers that appear on the screen and in an accurate way.

Download the Instant Heart Rate mobile app

You can download the Instant Heart Rate application easily on the mobile phone, as it has a medium storage capacity to some extent that affects the phone’s storage memory. It can be downloaded on all weak, medium and high-end phones. It is one of the applications that are used in a smart way, where you can use the camera in the phone to work To track color changes and put the index finger in front of it, and then a special graph is made in the heart that shows you the real times of the heartbeat and its speed. There are many people with cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and also if stress and stress all affect the speed of the heartbeat to follow their health condition. You can download the application to follow these pulses anywhere.

The developments and technology in this application do not make us dispense with external devices and save time and effort and quick reassurance by measuring the heart rate through this application, as it also helps to measure the heart rate when exercising sports, health and vitality, and makes the extent of reassurance on the person immediately without going to doctor.

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Features of the Instant Heart Rate latest version

The application offers the best advantages at all, as it provides you with many possibilities due to the means of technology and development that simplify on your phone with ease, and measure your heart rate immediately when you feel stress or heart disease or otherwise, and these features are as follows:-

  • You can download the application for free without paying a fee.
  • The app measures heart rates.
  • The flash must be available on your phone when using the application and the lighting must be good
  • The application is very easy to use
  • The application makes a graph of the EKG and EKG.

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