Mad Scientist – Strategy Games

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Mad Scientist – Strategy Games

1.0 For Android version 4.4 and above
evaluation 2 | 3.5
Fun and scary adventure game

If you like scary, entertaining adventure games you can try Mad Scientist – Strategy Games for Android and help the dog. And try to save the rabbit, make plans to explore the palace, and escape from the world, the story of the game goes back to the evil scientific story of Ari’s heroes. Lou Ngshot who are famous for the mad scientist.

Mad Scientist – Strategy Games for Android

Download the game and enjoy a lot of experiments, meaningless inventions, and your main task in the game is to save Bob, and teach Mad Scientist a lesson he will never forget, start the game now, and enjoy the role-playing puzzles that are preferred by players of strategy games all over the world, Let’s get ready for the strategy horror game.

Download the game now for free, and discover the palace in your own way, and you can enjoy the game whether you are online or offline, run and jump; So that you can escape from the dangers in the game, you can download easily through the direct link below, which takes you directly to the game, let’s click on it quickly and start downloading the game.

Download Mad Scientist – Strategy Games for mobile

Mad Scientist is one of the most beautiful horror games, whose story begins that Ari was new in the city. She discovers the city with her dog Bob, and suddenly Bob ran away towards a strange mansion. Ari went after Bob, but she did not know that she was inside the Palace of Horrors. Your task, dear player, is to prevent Spring -shire to fall into the hands of Longshot Mad Scientist. Longshot.

In front of each door you will find traps, you have to get past these traps, get the best rewards, you can put the villain serum inside his coffee, and escape through the window, the horror palace contains 15 rooms, each room has its own puzzle that you have to solve, none In-game cinematic motion graphics; But it has simple and easy controls, and there are a lot of guides that make you can reach your goal inside the palace.

The game is characterized as one of the three-dimensional games that feel like you are inside a real horror movie, and the game is based on role-playing, and you can download it completely free of charge, but there are some items inside the game that need to be used for money; Until you can get it, at first you may feel that the game is difficult, but after you have prepared your plan that you are going to play, you can complete the game to the end, now install Mad Scientist game.

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Features of Mad Scientist game latest version

The game has many advantages that make many players download the game and enjoy playing it, the most important of which are the following:

  • The game features a lot of puzzles that you have to solve in order to make Dr. Longshot’s experiments unsuccessful.
  • The game features beautiful 3D graphics, which makes the game story more attractive.
  • The game provides beautiful sound effects, which makes you feel the real horror inside the game.
  • Get a lot of coins that make you get tools and hints that help you win.
  • The many bonuses provided by the spinning wheel on a daily basis.
  • You can make the game linked to your Facebook page, where you can ask your friends for help, and give your feedback about the game.
  • The game is free, and you do not need to charge any money when downloading it.
  • The game contains some ad supported that direct you to new pages.
  • The game is full of enthusiasm and excitement, and develops your spirit of adventure by always making plans so that you can save your life.

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