Masha and the Bear: Mini Games

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Masha and the Bear: Mini Games

1.5.1 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best wonderful games for children, it helps them to have fun.

If you are looking for an educational game for your kids, you can try Masha and the Bear: Mini Games for Android, which is a game that kids enjoy a lot. And at the same time having fun, it is a mini game that contains educational lessons, and activities designed to help children learn and have fun at the same time. One of the activities of the game is to find hidden shapes, or memory games.

Masha and the Bear: Mini Games for Android

Masha and the Bear is one of the games for children that helps them learn through playing, which is the greatest fun for children. Masha and the Bear game includes all kinds of games that children can choose their favorite game among many games. Like a game of finding hidden shapes that teaches the child how to identify shapes.

Children can choose a puzzle-solving game that depends on moving each piece within the game to its correct place, in addition to the fact that children enjoy helping Masha in all the adventures that she enters into the game, and one of the most special features of this game is that children can play without help Any member of the family.

The Masha and the Bear game is characterized by providing children with a set of hints that appear in front of them on the screen, in the event that something appears in front of them that they do not know, and they cannot solve the mystery of this thing, the game automatically displays phrases such as Masha and the Bear: Mini games and makes this shortcut Children have more fun while playing.

Download Masha and the Bear: Mini Games for mobile

You can download Masha and the Bear game easily through the Play Store, or by using the direct link below, click on the link, you will go directly to the game, click on the word download, wait for the download to complete, then install the game on your phone , then open the game, and follow all the steps to get the game ready to play.

Explore the world of Masha and the Bear, a beautiful world that all children love, as the game Masha and the Bear is dedicated to children up to six years old, and the game is based on the heroes of the famous cartoon series Masha and the Bear, which tells the story of the beautiful girl Masha, who is interested in a bear, and Masha’s friends are Tiger, wolf, and rabbit.

Masha game consists of 6 educational levels, which make children have fun while playing, which is the coloring level, in which children color beautiful drawings, the word search level, which teaches children some words in different languages, solving puzzles by using a set of different shapes, playing Music on some musical instruments, such as piano, drums, and teaching children numbers from 1 to ten.

Masha and the Bear game helps children to learn many skills through the thing that children like the most, which is playing. Especially that they are having so much fun; Because they can play without anyone’s help, kids will love this game. They spend many hours with the game, but parents don’t worry; Because the game combines play and entertainment, and between learning. So children playing many hours on the game is not harmful for children.

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Game Features Masha and the Bear: Mini Games latest version

The game has many features, including the following:

  • The game contains 13 in-game mini-games.
  • The child can talk with Masha in real sentences.
  • Helps strengthen memory and strengthens visual memory.
  • The game is based on free animation.
  • The game helps to develop children’s mind.

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