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Raise To Answer

3.6.5 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best applications that enables you to enjoy answering calls in an automatic way.

It is easy to try the Raise To Answer application for Android simply and easily for Android, it is a wonderful and very distinctive application, through which you can use the features in it, it is the fastest application to answer phone calls without holding or touching your phone, and this service is not available in the main existing program On Android phones, this app will be loved by everyone who already uses it because it is really special.

Raise To Answer Android App

The raise to answer application is one of the applications that occupy the minds of many people, because it depends on a feature that many people are looking for, because we always receive phone calls, and sometimes we are busy or we cannot answer them by taking out the phone and working to open the screen and answer The Call,

And sometimes we are also outside the house and from the power of the sun we do not see the phone screen and we are not able to answer this incoming call because of the strong light that is perpendicular to the screen, making it dark and we do not see anything in it, and also this feature benefits the elderly who do not understand modern phones and how to answer on their incoming calls,

All you have to use this application is to raise the phone to your ear and the call will be opened to those who call you and automatically respond to all incoming calls to you, and this application works on all phones that support the Android system at this time.

Download Raise To Answer mobile app

The raise to answer application is characterized by its simplicity and ease. By opening the application, you will be asked for some permissions in order for the application to work and benefit from it, and in order to answer calls without touching the phone, after that the application asks you to activate it or not, this is done through a green button and a red button inside the application, and if you want to activate the application You must press the green button and you have successfully activated the application.

The idea of ​​the application is easy to use for everyone, and many people ask about how to answer the call by raising the application to the ear, and we answer that the application depends on sensors that are activated when the phone is moving or when any incoming call is received, and when you put the phone to your ear, these sensors will open The call is automatic, and this feature helps many people, especially those who are busy at work, and they cannot take out the phone and answer manually, all you have to do is take out the phone and put it on your ear and answer the incoming calls, download this application that benefits you and benefits many people and the elderly and their families.

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Features of Raise App Latest Version

  • The application is characterized by answering all calls without touching the phone manually.
  • The app features a simple and easy to use home screen that everyone can use for the first time.
  • This application works on phones that support the Android system only.
  • This app does not contain very annoying ads.
  • This application does not require a large space when downloaded, as it is very light on the device and does not lead to the weight of the phone.
  • The application is not free and when you download it, you need to pay some financial fees to the Google Play Store.
  • You can launch or cancel the application with just one click on the phone screen.
  • The application is very useful for the elderly who do not understand in modern phones and how to answer the caller.

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