Scary Granny Arabic

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Scary Granny Arabic

1.2 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best horror games suitable for everyone that helps to enjoy adventures.

You can try the Scary Granny Arabic game for Android, it is a terrifying puzzle game, and it is loved by young people who love horror and adventure games. To catch you, and you should not make any movement and sound so that it does not feel you, because it has a very strong sense of hearing, and if it tries to catch you, it can hide in any place where it does not find you easily.

Scary Granny Arabic Game for Android

In the game Scary Granny Arabic – Granny, you must collect the hidden pieces before the evil granny catches you, so that you can open the closed door and escape from the house. This game is to stay alive, and this game begins with a simple dream, that the player walks on his feet in the middle of a large and frightening forest full of strange trees until he reaches the house of the evil old man and attacks, and then wakes up from his sleep to find himself dreaming, and then the game is started Correctly, for the player to actually see himself in the house of the blind evil old man who is able to hear the simplest things or hear the simplest movements, and if the old man is caught by you, then you are captured in a scary house full of bats, and you must get rid of this house and escape quickly from it as soon as no Exceeding the five days, and leaving the house only with the keys and not colliding with the evil old woman Granny, who takes you to prison and captivity, and ends the first day of the five days in which you are required to leave the house, otherwise you will lose the game.

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There are important tools that cannot be dispensed with while playing, such as, the hammer through which you break the locked door, the talking game bear, through which the evil old man is laughed at by tracing the voice of the talking bear so as not to follow the player and catch up with him and make his whole family, You must know the password in order to open the electronic door lock, and all these keys are found in the cupboard of the evil grandmother who puts on this safe the ferocious spider, you must have among the tools a piece of meat to put in the dish of the evil spider to move away from the safe and you can easily open it And take out the keys from it, and there is also the gun that you must collect its three parts to be formed with you because it is disassembled, and this gun works to hypnotize the evil grandmother Granny, you must collect all the survival tools from the house until you get the key to the last door to get out of the evil house as soon as possible before The five-day period available for you to exit has expired.

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Game Features Granny latest version

  • This game teaches you patience for tough times and how to act if you are put in tough circumstances.
  • This game runs automatically without an emulator or permission to run.
  • There are distinctive graphics in the game that evoke the atmosphere of horror and adventure while playing.
  • This game does not need an internet connection.
  • The game is in Arabic so that it can be played with ease.
  • The game does not include in-game ads like many games.
  • The game includes many tools that you can use to fight the evil old man.
  • The game depends on the surprises that excite the player and creates an atmosphere of horror and real fear.

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