Tacticool – 5v5 shooter

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Tacticool – 5v5 shooter

1.52.10 Android 5.0+
evaluation 97 | 3.3
Graphics closer to reality, a destructive environment and fierce battles for the strong only

you can Download Tacticool apk for Android with direct linkThere is no doubt that action games are the most popular these days, battle royale or survival games are closer to the hearts of young and old, we launched a new version of mobile board games that were broadcast in the arena with 4 friends in the new 5V5 mode.

Download Tacticool apk for Android with direct link

Tacticool – 5v5 shooter is one of the most important and famous 5v5 action and fighting games, and it includes many distinct elements and parts that will be detailed in the following paragraphs:


As always in action games, you will find a variety of warriors by choosing your favorite character from among dozens of characters, uniforms and other FBI uniforms, and much more. You can change from warrior to warrior with one piece at any time, so that the differences in the Appearance and outfit.


There are more than 50 advanced weapons in this free version of online war games of course, you have to buy these items for coins because you can’t get them for free the higher the weapon properties, the higher the price and vice versa; One of these characteristics is stability, damage strength when firing, speed of ammunition loading, etc.

As is often the case with most online mobile games, you can upgrade your weapons, add accessories like zoom to see enemies from afar, use all dual pistols, machine guns, shotguns, elite shooters, grenades, and dozens of other weapons in addition to the above.


Fight against your enemies after downloading the Tacticool shooting game for Android in different scenarios: desert, city streets, ice cream bars, etc., many barriers and walls that you can protect from enemy bullets, many cars and bikes that help players move quickly How to find the adventure begins in a com move .


You are free to choose your team members, you can send invitations to your friends to create a team, or you can join up to 4 other randomly selected internet users, as in new team games as usual one-sided combat continues You can kill all players enemies, then points are calculated and rewards are distributed according to each player’s performance.

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Tacticool game levels

  • A multi-dimensional action with a perspective that requires two teams of five players to confront and destroy enemies on small battlefields.
  • You can use all kinds of weapons, vehicles and explosives.
  • Tacticool’s controls are very easy to use and work well with touch screens.
  • You can move your character using the virtual directional keyboard.
  • However, if you slide your thumb to the right side of the screen, you can point it.
  • Remember that your character will fire automatically when the enemy is within range.
  • When you start playing Tacticool, you will only have two weapons (a submachine gun and a color pistol) and one character at your disposal.
  • As you play and progress, you will be able to use assault rifles, sniper rifles, etc.
  • You can unlock more than 20 different characters and up to 50 different weapons.

What distinguishes the game Tacticool

  • One of Tacticool’s strongest features is the dynamic configuration.
  • You’ll find things that can kill anything, like different cars you can drive (but also crash your enemies) and a moving train.
  • Tacticool is a great third-party online shooting game with graphics, animation, and a lot of content.
  • The fight lasts for a maximum of four minutes.
  • Now is the perfect time for a quick visit.

How to download Tacticool apk for Android with a direct link

You can reposition the control icons on the screen in the settings and zoom in or out on each icon individually until you get the best and easiest for you.

  • Download Tacticool apk on the phone.
  • Open phone settings “look for the security option under phone settings”.
  • Find the name of the unknown sources.
  • You click on it to allow downloading of apps from unknown sources.
  • Click Activate.
  • Now you can install the application easily.

Features of Tacticool Shooting Game Download for Android

  • Driving vehicles, cars and bikes.
  • Large battlefields and various rituals.
  • Day and Night Series.
  • Lots of new weapons.
  • Just rules and laws governing wars.

This game is completely different and has a third-person perspective, in the build and development of Tacticool, the games are somewhat developed in the style of Battle Royale, which offers the option to use secondary items while playing.

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Download Tacticool apk for Android with direct link, Tacticool has unique designs A mixture of great graphics and fun professional games, this game contains 5 to 5 competitive titles, you can participate in online competitions and teams in two groups of 5 people each, the main game mode is Team Deathmatch, these competitions are controlled in a specific time and your main priorities She kills more enemies and stays longer.

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