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The new Telegram app with professional features

We all know the electronic application, Telegram, and many of us use it in chatting and exchanging messages, as it is somewhat similar to the applications of WhatsApp, Messenger and other electronic chat applications, but it appeared recently Telegram X . app Released by the same company that produced the Telegram application, but with more features and features modifications that outperform the regular Telegram, and it is an application suitable for users of phones with Android or IOS systems, let us know more about this application through the coming lines.

Download the new Telegram X application for Android with a direct link

Telegram X is one of the modern electronic applications that are used for chatting, chatting and sending emails, and it is also possible to send expressive stickers or as we call them emojis. Besides, it is suitable for both Android and IOS devices, as it is suitable for use on any mobile phone and does not require high capabilities for operation, in addition to that it works in a smart way that makes it save more in the phone battery during operation, which provides greater battery life.

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Download Telegram X for mobile with one direct link for free

You can get the application by clicking on the direct link on the page. When you click on it, the application will be downloaded to the device without any fees and will not take up much space on your device.

The difference between the traditional Telegram and Telegram X?

  • Telegram X has a newer and more advanced interface than the traditional Telegram.
  • Choosing to make the voice call with the main menu, unlike the traditional telegram.
  • It contains a night mode that is not present in the old Telegram, through which you can choose the dark design for an easier and more enjoyable use of the application.
  • The new Telegram X allows accessing messages, chats and files in an easier way with fewer steps.
  • The new one on Advanced mode has many features and benefits.
  • The new application works very efficiently while saving on data consumption in the phone.
  • The new app contains shortcut gestures to interact with the app such as sending the message by swiping the screen to the right or by tapping and holding the message and then dragging it on the screen.

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Features of the new Telegram X application

The new application Telegram X represents a record development for the old application of Telegram due to the smoothness of its main interface and ease of use compared to the old interface, with the ease of exchanging various media through it, whether text messages or photos and videos while ensuring security and privacy for users and maintaining the confidentiality of information:-

  • It allows controlling to stop receiving any unwanted notifications and messages through very simple steps.
  • The Telegram X application is very small in size and does not take up much space on the phone.
  • The application works with advanced technology that makes it consume less battery power than any other chatting application during its use.
  • It allows the development of new interfaces for each user for more convenience and pleasure in use.
  • The MYProxy application supports in addition to the ability to play and play voice messages through the earphones in the phone.
  • There are continuous updates to the application that make it one of the best modern applications in chatting with distinctive capabilities.
  • Supports animation feature on the application.
  • It allows the geolocation feature, which is a great feature in the application.
  • Allow the ability to preview and watch messages by long-clicking on the message, the ability to follow visual channels through Telegram x.
  • Support for playing and sending various gestures and emojis with the ability to add external gestures that are not originally present in the application.
  • The ability to share, resend and reply to messages and chats.
  • Supports free voice calls.
  • Through the application, it is possible to share various photos, messages, stickers and videos with friends of any size and an unlimited number.
  • In the application there is a section of saved messages that can be pinned through the messages to be kept.
  • The user can maintain the privacy of using the application through a private password.
  • In the event that the user wants to hide his phone number, he can enter Telegram X using his username.
  • Large groups can be formed on Telegram, with up to 200 thousand subscribers in each group.
  • The application is completely safe to use and guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of messages and conversations.
  • The application can be dealt with not only on mobile devices but also on computers.
  • Allows modification and editing of various images.

Thus, dear reader, we have learned more information about the new application Telegram X and the most important features in the application, with a brief overview of the application and the difference between it and the traditional Telegram application.

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