Total Football Mobile

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Total Football Mobile

1.6.3 Android 5 and above
evaluation 3631 | 3.3
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Total Football Mobile The latest Android game dedicated to football lovers, which enables you to experience a lot of fun experiences, along with endless excitement and suspense, and it is developed by Gala Sports Technology Limited

It is known that football has its own culture, which extends across ages, times and continents, with different race and gender. It is the most famous sport in the world, which provides users with fun and comfort.

Download Total Football for Android

Total Football Mobile will be the main reason why millions will love football games again, as it provides everything a player needs in unparalleled high quality.

You can enter and play 11 against 11 in addition to full control in a distinctive way in your team and restore the level of football again and promote it to a professional level with extreme realism only through your phone screen only

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Features of Total Football Mobile for Android

The legendary football game Total Football Mobile contains a lot of countless features and features that made it one of the most important and best football games at the moment, and the most important of those characteristics are:

Create your favorite team

A fun way that enables you to bring a distinctive personal touch among the players is the possibility of choosing and creating your favorite team with contracting between more than 4000 football players licensed by the FIFPro™ and thus creating your team according to the players you prefer.

Perfect control experience

Total Football Mobile is the first real football game that is developed in the internal development studio in Ghana Sports, as it has been approved by the Professional Footballers Association in the world, in addition to providing many huge clubs and officially licensed with it.

Rely on artificial intelligence

Total Football Mobile has integrated a lot of artificial intelligence techniques such as neural network paths and algorithms along with a lot of fast-paced motion engines so this provides a gaming experience with super quality up to 120 frames per second especially if your phone supports that technology

With the full protection of the device’s resources from consuming a lot of energy while playing, and therefore you can play and enjoy the full experience through the screen of your phone only, even if it is a little weak

Virtual Reality

Total Football Mobile has been redesigned to fit the advanced AI simulation, adding a lot of gameplay characters and also providing the game with a lot of in-house effects and animations.

Also, the characters have become closer to reality after being redesigned, and while playing with scrutiny of the player’s details, you will find that he has increased emotional details and reactions, as well as his movement on the ball on the field and other details that make the user as if he is on the ground

modern interface

In addition to the fact that the game interface contains all the options that the player needs and is also easily accessible, you can now navigate at lightning speed between a million players with and choose the action most compatible with your way of playing

In addition, there are playing cards that contain all the details of each player, weaknesses and strengths, as well as the extent of the skill level and others

Awards and tournaments

Don’t miss any challenge in Total Football Mobile Enter and show your playing skills and start harvesting and collecting endless trophies and rewards while boosting your playing position all the time in order to top the list of the best players in the world

Customize matches

Here everything is possible, you can customize your team with a high degree of freedom starting from choosing your favorite stadium and then choosing the team, players, logos, outfits, etc. and then creating the largest club in the world and start playing anytime and anywhere

Features of downloading Total Football Mobile for Android

  • It comes for free, and you can download Total Football Mobile for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • Immersive football atmosphere and enjoyable audio commentary on the field with the sounds of fans in the background numbering up to 50,000 fans, which gives the game the character of excitement, suspense and enthusiasm for the players
  • There are plenty of advanced game controls that bring a smooth experience in all real games
  • Enhanced visuals with advanced AI simulation along with lots of animations make the game more realistic
  • There are a lot of internal evaluations and promotions available in order to become the best team in the world and then win all the challenges
  • Play without the need to connect to the Internet, where now you can play all matches and enter unparalleled challenges in the offline mode and thus enjoy the game anytime and anywhere

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