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The world’s most downloaded instant messaging app

Download WhatsApp for Android with a direct link, as WhatsApp is the most popular and most downloaded application among all Android applications or iPhone applications on the Google Store and the App Store. The WhatsApp application outperforms its competitors such as Telegram, Telegramm Web, Line, Facebook Messenger, and Viber, because it offers its users special features, so that the application has become indispensable for many users.

Download WhatsApp for Android 2023 with a direct link

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging program that offers many unique features that make it unique in all application stores, and WhatsApp is one of the modern applications, which was first launched in 2009 by two employees of the company “Yahoo”. The application spread widely and outperformed all other social networking applications, which prompted the Facebook administration to purchase the application in 2014, and then added many changes and new additions to it; In order for the application to be integrated.

Whats App allows you to communicate with people easily and conveniently from anywhere and anytime. You can also send photos, videos, audio clips and files of various kinds through the WhatsApp application, which makes it a vital means of communication globally.

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Features of downloading the WhatsApp mobile application

Whats App has many important features, such as:

  • The application is easy to use for all people of all ages.
  • WhatsApp comes with a simple and uncomplicated interface.
  • Availability of sending several images at once, up to 30 images.
  • The ability to send videos, audio clips and files of all kinds.
  • Availability of the feature to cut the video or convert it to GIF (animated images).
  • Photo editing feature with the ability to add texts and stickers to them before sending them.
  • Adding the “Whats App Status” feature or WhatsApp statuses, which you can customize through many options such as adding a photo, video, or writing texts.
  • The application is completely free, and does not contain commercial advertisements, as happens in such type of applications.
  • The application allows you to delete messages after sending them.
  • You can easily control the privacy options within the app.
  • You can put shortcuts to the conversations you make within the application on the home screen of your phone.
  • The application allows you to change the phone number with which you registered, without having to delete the entire account.
  • WhatsApp offers the ability to automatically backup all conversations to Google Drive.
  • If you transfer your account to a new phone, you can easily restore all your data and conversations on the old phone.
  • The application supports the “Dark Mode” night mode to preserve the eye and save the phone battery charge, which gives the battery a longer life.

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How to secure a WhatsApp account on mobile

WhatsApp hackers can spy on users or steal their data by using some fake versions of the app, which allows them to steal your personal data, photos and files stored on the phone. Therefore, WhatsApp has provided protection and security settings on the application, and in order to be able to secure your account and protect it from theft, you must do the following steps:

  • Do not open any external links from unreliable people, as this may cause your phone to be hacked.
  • Do not give or disclose your personal data to anyone.
  • Activate the Two-Step Verification feature within the application settings.

The most important secrets of the WhatsApp Messenger application for Android

The WhatsApp application for smart mobile devices includes a very large number of very important features, secrets and specifications, and this is what made it the first in the world of instant messaging programs on smart mobile devices, whether Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. Millions of users of the application worldwide, and among the most powerful and important secrets of WhatsApp, are the following:

Convert whatsapp chat into bubbles like Messenger

You can view WhatsApp messages without having to enter the application by turning the messages into bubbles that appear on the home screen of the phone like the Messenger application. You can use this ability by downloading and installing whatsbubble app on your phone.

Send a message to more than one person at once

You can send a message to multiple people on WhatsApp without creating a group. Click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then choose New Broadcast. Select people, write the message and then send it, and you will reach each person as if you sent it to him alone. And no one else will see his response, unlike what happens in the groups.

Hear voice messages from the call headset

To do this turn on the loudspeaker, then place the phone to your ear. The sound will switch from the Speaker to the internal speaker automatically.

Find out who opens your account

Click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then choose whatsapp web. If you find devices and browsers inside it, it means that someone has opened your private account to spy on you. Just click on Log out from all devices to prevent this person from accessing your account again.

Activate two WhatsApp numbers on one phone

Activate one of the two numbers on the official WhatsApp, then activate the second number on the WhatsApp business application, or one of the other applications such as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold.

You can also use the parallel space application, which allows you to open two accounts together on the same application, whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other similar applications, as it creates another copy of the application on your phone.

Share your location via Whats App

Next to the place where you write messages, click on the “Attach” sign, then choose “Location” or “Location” to send your location to anyone you want.

Read deleted messages on whatsapp

Install WhatsRemoved Deleted Message Recovery App for Android through Google Play. Through the application, you will be able to view all the messages that your friends have deleted after sending them.

Disadvantages of Whats App

Despite the great success achieved by the WhatsApp application in the recent period; However, it has some drawbacks like any similar application. Among the main disadvantages of the application:

  1. Maliware can be sent through the application, where hackers send links or files containing those programs, which install applications on your phone to show commercial ads, steal data or spy on the phone.
  2. It is possible to steal backup files that the application saves on Google Drive by hackers. Which is dangerous for the users of the application.
  3. WhatsApp mainly depends on sharing the phone number to register people within the application without any other means.

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