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we present to you Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for Android, with a direct link, for free, As the Zoom application is one of the most popular applications for making online meetings and video calls, which has prompted many to rely on it in the field of work, education and communication with others. Today, we will learn about the most important features of the Zoom application and its uses.

Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for Android with a direct link

Zoom program is the most popular application for conducting meetings over the Internet, as well as making video and voice calls, which gives the application of great importance in the areas of work and education.

Zoom Meeting refers to a video meeting hosted via the Zoom app. People who are invited to the meeting can participate by video or audio only without opening the camera.

Zoom Room or Zoom Rooms are private meeting rooms, in which Zoom meetings are organized and scheduled. Use of Zoom Rooms requires paying an additional subscription over the Zoom subscription.

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Zoom is a free or paid app?

The application offers several subscription packages, including the free version, which gives you some features for limited uses, which are suitable for individuals. It also offers paid packages that are suitable for companies and institutions, and vary according to the type of work, its characteristics and requirements.

Zoom offers five levels to its users:

  1. Zoom Free: It represents the free use of the application. You can hold an unlimited number of meetings of 40 minutes with 100 participants.
  2. Zoom Pro: Level 2 app, $14.99 per month. You can create personal meeting IDs for your recurring meetings on the app. It also allows you to record meetings in online cloud storage or store on your device. Covers 24 hour meetings.
  3. Zoom Business: $19.99 per month with the meeting host (10 minimum). It gives you the advantage of promoting your own brand. It also allows you to hold Zoom meetings with custom URLs and show off your branding. You can use the cloud storage feature along with customer support services.
  4. Zoom Enterprise: This level costs $19.99 per month with the meeting host (100 minimum). This level is for large companies, providing unlimited cloud storage for all meetings, and providing you with a Customer Success Manager.
  5. Zoom Rooms: You can pay a subscription to get a free 30-day trial to use Zoom Rooms. If you want to get a full version, you will have to pay an additional amount of $49 per month. Holding seminars via Zoom will cost you $40 per month in addition to the cost of the meeting host.

Features and uses of the Zoom app for Android

  1. Make video calls with high accuracy and quality.
  2. Voice calls with high accuracy, with the introduction of the feature of voice detection.
  3. The ability to activate full screen mode and display different videos during meetings.
  4. The program is suitable for all Android and IOS devices.
  5. Through Zoom, you can create Zoom Rooms, organize and schedule meetings, and join them.
  6. You can join meetings as a viewer only, without participating in the meeting.
  7. The advantage of joining by phone call.
  8. You can host an unlimited number of one-on-one meetings with up to 100 participants in the free version.
  9. Possibility to host up to 500 participants with the paid “large meeting” feature.
  10. You can share the screen with other people via the app.
  11. The Wihte Board whiteboard feature available within the app, which is very important for educational purposes.
  12. You can record meetings and save them to your computer.
  13. Send group messages, pictures and audio files.
  14. Participants who did not join the meeting on time can access the meeting content.

Using the Zoom app

The application must be downloaded and installed on your device, and you must have a special account:

  1. Select Join a Meeting If you would like to join an existing chat with the chat ID, you must be logged in to be able to join it.
  2. We choose Login with SSO, then enter the link and press Continue.
  3. Just by logging in, you can start a new conversation for the user, and share it with their invitees.
  4. You can schedule the meetings that will take place using the application, so that you can join them at the appointed time.
  5. The Zoom meeting host can mute or remove anyone from the meeting.
  6. You can attend the meeting without the need for an account.
  7. Host privileges can be given to anyone in the conversation by the host.
  8. YouTube clips can be played in full screen mode or a presentation shared within a meeting.

Share audio within the Zoom app

  1. Download the Zoom app to your device, as you can only share audio through a web browser.
  2. When you start a call, tap on Screen Share at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on “Advanced Options”, then click on “Music or Computer Sound Only” and then “Share”.

How to share screen with friends

Click on the “Screen Sharing” option, then select “Share PC audio” at the bottom left of the screen.

How do you record meetings within the Zoom app?

You can record meetings by clicking on the “Record” button on the right side at the bottom of the screen. Your recording will be saved as an .mp4 file on your device.

Show your picture in the meeting better

To improve your image that appears to others within the application’s meetings and calls, go to “Preferences”, then click on “Video” and click on “Improve my appearance”.

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Disadvantages of Zoom app for Android

Despite the advantages that the application enjoys, which has given it wide popularity among users, it has many important flaws that are often related to security and privacy:

  • The zoom application uses a system called “tls” to transfer data and meetings, similar to “https” that is used to secure websites, but it is less secure, which may expose the users of the application to many security problems.
  • The in-app chat is encrypted on the Zoom server, but Zoom employees can easily open the chat and view its contents.
  • Application employees can enter into conversations and meetings and view their contents, without you being able to prevent them from doing so.
  • The iOS version of the app allows users to share data with Facebook.
  • The application does not fully secure the users’ data.

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