Absolute Talent: Survival RPG

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Absolute Talent: Survival RPG

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The game is one of the best adventure games that takes you to the island and you have to protect yourself inside it from dangers.

If you like action and fighting games, you can download Absolute Talent: Survival RPG for Android, as it is considered one of the most fun and interesting games; Because you do not remember how you went to this island and you only have to preserve your life until you can get out of this island, you must first search for food and make a set of primitive tools that help you live in it.

Absolute Talent: Survival RPG for Android

You can download the game by going to the Play Store, typing the name of the game in the search, then downloading the game and downloading it to your mobile phone, or you can use the direct link below that makes you go to the game directly, and then you will experience a state of terror and fun at the same time ; Because it is considered one of the best fighting games that you never get bored while playing it.

The game begins that you will find yourself on an island in the middle of the desert, with nothing around you but deadly wild beasts, which consider anyone on the island their food, so you have to face these monsters; In order to save your life, you have no friends in the desert other than ore and trees. There may be people living on the island; Because the island has a group of abandoned houses, but these houses are very mysterious and scary.

You are now alone in the middle of this mysterious island, and you must do everything to survive from this island. At first, you feel that you cannot stay on this island even for one day, but you will try and learn more about all the things that help you succeed, as The game becomes for you a simulator of wildlife.

Download Absolute Talent: Survival RPG mobile game

After downloading the game on your mobile phone and starting your journey in the desert, you find that there are a group of things that you depend on so that you can complete your journey. In the beginning, you can use one stone to help you achieve your goal, and it may take a very long time to find this stone, but you After that you can make the ax and choose what you want.

You can find the stone by approaching the trees, clicking on the pistols button, and following the STONE or TREE gauge, and when the gauge becomes full, you will get the stone you want, and then you can craft weapons that help you hunt animals and light a fire to light you up at night.

Get materials that help build a house that you can live in, and then you must search for food so that you can attack animals by pointing the camera at the animals and pressing the item button, and after the animal dies you can collect food.

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Features of the game Absolute Talent latest version

The game has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • You can recreate all situations by exploiting all the resources available to you.
  • You can build the things that matter; So help you in difficult conditions, use weapons and craft tools that help you survive.
  • The game has a lot of landscapes, which make you feel like you are in reality.
  • The most important feature of the game is the great graphics, and that you can move easily between places.
  • You have to do many activities and craft weapons; So you can face terrifying wild animals.
  • You will enjoy a real desert island adventure, and you can discover many huge islands.

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