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Battlefield Mobile is a giant war game

Battlefield™ Mobile, Download Battlefield™ Mobile for Android, direct link, EA introduced us to the game Battlefield Mobile 2021, the first version of Battlefield Mobile for mobile, the game will be in your hands soon in the coming period, as the giant gaming company stated that Battlefield Mobile will be available on Android and iPhone later this year 2021, the game has been launched on the Google Play Store with pre-registration right now.

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Download Battlefield™ Mobile for Android

  • Based on what was mentioned regarding the features of the game on the Google Play Store, the game will be a completely first-person shooter, that is, without any change in this mode.
  • The player will also be able to play most of the modes that were present in the PC version of the game, as the campaign mode will be available for solo combat, from a first-person perspective.
  • Teamwork made up of a group of players is also available.
  • You can probably find all this in Call of Duty or in PUBG Mobile and also in PUBG New State.
  • But this game has the advantage of writing the main threads and all the details of what the future war will be like in 2042.

Battlefield Mobile 2021

  • Now rally the players to form a dream team, for intense fighting.
  • Battlefield™ Mobile has now arrived with its full features on mobile screens, bringing us an unparalleled form of first-person combat.
  • Where you will enjoy all the excitement and excitement by building the strongest team, fighting enemies and destroying everything around you.

Great crowd of total war

  • Team up in Battlefield Mobile, attack all maps in this game, hack all modes, and battle veteran players.
  • And do not forget to collect a powerful arsenal of the best weapons scattered in different parts of the battlefield.
  • And fight for control of powerful vehicles in the game like tanks and ATVs.
  • And you can perform explosions and destruction on a large scale in different environments of the battlefield.
  • In the game levels, you will upgrade your fighting abilities to be more fierce in the team war.

Things you see in Battlefield Mobile

  • There are special things in this game that you do not find in any other fighting game of the famous names and others. For example, you’ll find eye-catching explosions and wild combat situations that repeat each round.
  • You can experience the collapse of the tower while riding in an EVI, or for example, attend the scene of a devastating missile launch in the building you are landing from a parachute.
  • Or the scenes of the enemies buried under the rubble of the building you destroyed with your tank, they are all unforgettable and unforgettable scenes.

Different strategies in Battlefield Mobile

  • Try different and unusual strategies in one of the most powerful first person fighting games. You will experience all this and more in every map in the game and in every mode in it too.
  • You can also choose or access a lot of ranks and classes available in the game, such as the rank of fighter (strike or attacker), medic, support team, reconnaissance, and others.
  • You can also get a lot of game accessories and get a unique set of items such as weapons, clothes, skins, weapons, gadgets for certain classes and ranks, and more.
  • Know that your strongest weapon is your rank in that game, which inevitably matches the way you play in Battlefield.
  • Due to the terrain of the game’s maps, it offers some strategies that you can follow to prevail in most combat situations.

How to play Battlefield Mobile

  • After downloading the Battlefield™ Mobile game for Android, a direct link, go into the game and enjoy.
  • Hit the ground on foot with a light tactical movement.
  • Pick up the EVI in order to cause large-scale explosions at tremendous speed while providing the element of surprise to the enemy.
  • Use hidden melee weapons to kill enemies without them realizing it.
  • Create a shock and awe campaign against enemies with fully armed tanks.
  • Always go to the prize chest to get different items that will help you to battle on land, sea, sky and air.

How to defend your team in Battlefield Mobile?

  • Fight fiercely with the help of your teammates in order to control the course of things on the battlefield.
  • You can join a combat battalion or make a team with the help of friends to enter the battle zone where the combat at the highest level is merciless.
  • This is in order to savor the ecstasy of winning and win more prizes.
  • And use strategies that tilt each battle toward you.
  • This of course later helps increase the capacity of the soldiers in your battalion or your team collaborators.
  • This is the right arena for you to experience the real fun of dazzling team war, defend your team, destroy enemies and fight for survival.
  • And all this through a range of modes such as multiplayer mode, specific mission mode, and others.

How do soldiers mods and customizations work in Battlefield?

  • Perform appropriate specializations to maximize your soldier’s ability, which matches your playing style and strategy in this very powerful game.
  • In order to advance in the game and increase your rank, you must constantly upgrade and renew your weapons and personal accessories.
  • You can also earn more soldier customization items by completing new soldier mode missions in the game.
  • Where you have to study the story of the soldier well to immerse yourself in the missions of the game from which you gain a lot and a lot.
  • No matter how you wage war, the individual skills and collective abilities of your squad or battalion that inevitably lead you to victory in one of the most powerful FPS games are key here.

The story of the game Battlefield Mobile

  • Dice says it will bring you new stories about World War II that you haven’t seen before in any movie or game or read about in any book.
  • Battlefield will also talk in greater depth about the role of women in war, specifically Norway in 1942.
  • Focusing on a young resistance fighter trying to save her family, Battlefield is known to be always meticulous in detailing the history of wars.
  • As I mentioned before, DICE wants to stay away from recycled events.
  • Despite legendary battles such as the invasion of Normandy, players are placed in places and situations they might not expect, such as the deserts of North Africa, the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the French countryside, and the harsh and arctic environment of the north after the German occupation of Norway.
  • Battlefield™ Mobile’s single-player mode will also include a set of new chapters under the so-called Tides of War, a set of Battlefield Mobile chapters that can be obtained with the purchase of the game.
  • Each of these chapters will present a point in time in the context of World War II.
  • It is worth noting that the war will take place in a period of two to three months.
  • Some of the exclusive events may include new weapons, new missions not found in the normal single mode, and also a bunch of new maps for the multiplayer mode.

Features of Battlefield Mobile game

  • The player can operate aircraft carriers, warships, and fighter planes.
  • A feature that provides fighters to take off and land on aircraft carriers.
  • The game comes with different arms and different vehicles of many types.
  • The helicopter soldiers can use their individual weapons to shoot the enemy on the ground.
  • Download Battlefield™ Mobile 2021: Battlefield Mobile APK easily.
  • You can easily download the game through the direct download link for the game below the article.
  • The game has high-quality in-game abilities.
  • It is worth noting that one of the most important of these capabilities is the high graphics of the game, as the game works with the famous 3D technology, which makes all things inside the game very stereoscopic and powerful.
  • The in-game visual and sound effects give a great impression to the player.
  • Where the player can visualize the game in his imagination and feel that it is very real.
  • As well as the moving and static images in the game are among the best and most beautiful images that give the game a great luster and motivate the player to continue playing in a professional manner and win the beautiful game.

Vehicle types in Battlefield

  1. Aircraft carrier equipped with anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles.
  2. Warship equipped with anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles.
  3. A storming boat with 4 machine guns on board.
  4. Fighter aircraft cannon and ground missiles.
  5. Jammer, second seat with machine gun.
  6. Black Hawk helicopter with dual-position machine gun.
  7. Bird helicopter has 6 seats for troops.
  8. Armored vehicle equipped with a machine gun.
  9. Pocket with machine gun.

Battlefield mobile 2021 game modes

  • Hunger mode and excitement and tension mode, players need to eat in order to maintain their physical strength.
  • Also, once the physical strength is exhausted, they will be eliminated.
  • Action mode: Players occupy the stronghold and earn points.
  • The two sides compete fiercely until they reach a certain number of points and win.

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Types of soldier occupations in the mobile game Battlefield

  1. attacking soldiers.
  2. Scouts.
  3. sprinklers;
  4. Paramedics.
  5. snipers.

How to play Battlefield Mobile

  • Battlefield In the game, you have to choose the army with which you will fight the tough battles in the game.
  • There are countries that you can choose, and they are among the most powerful armies in the game.
  • Notable are the wars in China and the USA, two of the most powerful armies in the game.
  • In the game, battles are fought in the Middle East, which is a strategic place for all countries of the world.
  • In the game, you will have different weapons and multi-mission vehicles that you can engage in powerful in-game battles that make the game more beautiful and powerful.
  • Where you have to shoot with full force on the enemies and target the strategic places of the enemy in order to paralyze his movement and dominate the battle and win it easily.
  • Also, there are a lot of weapons for the foot soldiers as well as other weapons such as tanks and warplanes that bomb the military positions of the soldiers in the game.
  • This game is a great and very special game, and you have to complete the missions in the best way in the game in order to move on to the other missions and continue your war victories in the beautiful game, the famous Battlefield game.

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