Block puzzle game – Blockudoku

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Block puzzle game – Blockudoku

2.10.0 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best perfect puzzle games that you can enjoy as it is absolutely amazing.

Blockudoku for Android is a puzzle-solving and finding the missing piece of the puzzle. It is an intelligence game with many challenges, ranging from easy to difficult. And you can choose to start the difficult puzzle right at the start of the game, as it is an entertaining game that you will not get tired of and will keep you playing for many hours. This is because it is interesting and exciting, as it makes you have a strong curiosity to discover the puzzle and complete the missing part of it.

Block puzzle game – Blockudoku for Android

Block puzzle game – Blockudoku, is a very simple game, it is cubes divided in the screen and you have to move the playing pieces at the bottom of the screen and put them in these cubes. .

If you want to win this level, you must stack these cubes in an even manner until they disappear, and every time you collect these cubes in an even manner, they will disappear, and so on until the level you are playing ends, and you must stack these cubes correctly so that they do not clump together and lose the level you are playing. In it, and to win this game, you must put three cubes close to each other in size and shape until they disappear and you have enough space in the boxes at the top to continue playing the cubes and disappearing until the level ends in a quick way and you win gifts and prizes and get three stars in the level.

And you can get the combo privilege that gives a lot of money rewards and gems, which is, being able to disappear two or more squares in the same hit, it makes you win a lot of gifts and makes it easier for you to finish the level, but you will face loss if you cannot delete a column by length or crosswise If the cells are filled with cubes, then you will lose the level.

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Block puzzle game – Blockudoku, gives you the freedom to choose the favorite color that you want to play with, it contains many colors, and you can play the level with more than one color, but you must collect each color of cubes separately in order to be able to delete and hide these cubes, and this can The game has a unique system that makes players get high scores at every level, and this encourages all players to continue playing and achieve the highest points.

You can break the record in this game and get a score higher than the score set for you in the level and this makes you get many rewards and gems and follow the other levels, and this game is included in the contents so it starts with the easy level and gradually reaches the difficult levels, and you can choose the difficult level in The beginning of the game, but it is better to start in order so that you get rewards and gifts at each level because these rewards will help you in the next difficult levels. If you are a fan of puzzle games and arranging stones and cubes, you should download Blockudoku.

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Features of Block Puzzle – Blockudoku latest version

  • This game is characterized by the ability to determine the level of intelligence and the ability to complete the required tasks in a quick manner and in a short time. This game is offered from the Google Play Store for free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it.
  • This game has won the admiration of many players, especially those who love adventure games, puzzles and games similar to Sudoku.
  • The space of this game is very small and you do not need a lot of space to download it on your phone.
  • This game works on any Android phone, whether it is a strong or weak version.

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