blue whale killer game

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blue whale killer game

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This game is one of the best games on the scene as it makes you enjoy your time.

Many people have recently downloaded the killer blue whale game for Android, but the killer blue whale game is considered one of the dangerous games that caused the suicide of many individuals all over the world. After the player passes 50 days from the time he starts the game, the idea of ​​this game goes back to the phenomenon of whales that are on the beach, and it was said that this phenomenon is linked to the idea of ​​suicide.

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The blue whale game is considered one of the challenging games that can be downloaded on all devices, and the game has received the attention of many people, and the player must bear the pressure in which he is due to the many questions that the game poses to the player, and he must respond to these questions, and implement All commands the game tells him to carry out.

The player must play the game very intelligently; Because it contributes to destroying the player’s psyche, as the game at its beginning asks the player to draw the whale on his hands by using a white weapon, and then answer all the questions posed by the game.

The killer blue whale game is distinctive, and at the same time simple, as your task is to help the blue whale escape from the sea that is filled with ghosts, but it is a very terrifying game, as the whale asks you for orders to implement, and these orders are very dangerous as they are similar to Mary’s game.

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The killer blue whale game appeared in Russia, which was created by a 22-year-old young man. This young man had a lot of experience in psychology and wanted to use his knowledge in psychology and influence many young people. It causes them to become addicted to playing such dangerous games, as the game begins with a task that the player must complete on the first day. So that he can move to the next level, and the tasks on the first day are very simple. You don’t need any effort, like asking what his mother’s name is, what she does and so on.

The game then begins by issuing orders to the player, and these commands are to carve a blue whale on the player’s hand using a white weapon. And the person must send a picture to the official to be sure that he drew the whale. Then the game asks him to wake up at 4 am and watch a video with strange music that makes the player depressed.

The game asks the player to make a lot of cuts on his arm, and draw a whale on his arm. And that the player writes on his leg that he is ready to be a whale, and the game forces the player to watch terrifying videos daily. And to go early in the morning to the ceiling and stand on the ledge and drop his legs over the ledge. And the last task that the game asks of the player is to commit suicide by jumping from the building or to stab himself with a knife.

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Features of blue whale killer game latest version

The killer blue whale game has the following features:

  • In the game there is a lot of information about the blue whale.
  • The game is one of the most challenging games.
  • The game is a simulation of a blue whale.
  • The design of the game is not complicated, as it was designed by the experienced and skilled in all these games.
  • In the game there are a lot of levels, and each level is the worst psychological factors.
  • There are a lot of deadly sea monsters.
  • The game is a very large set of tasks that the player has to perform.
  • Blue Whale Killer Game is a realistic 3D game.

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