Car Simulator San Andreas

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Car Simulator San Andreas

0.3 Android 5 and above
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Car simulator San Andreas is a driving simulator in which we will get to drive a car around the city and the American village and perform various maneuvers associated with driving one of these vehicles, such as parking. However, the action is not limited to city driving; We will also be able to access the impossible tracks where we will perform different acrobatic maneuvers like driving over the edge.

Enjoy the free and realistic driving
We’ll get to drive freely around the city to the sound of realistic sound effects and choose from a range of vehicles that we can buy and level up so we can unlock new objectives. We will have a range of vehicles, day or night environments, and different details designed to immerse us in a realistic driving experience.

These are the main features of the game

Drive freely and explore a massive environment.
Realistic cars and sounds.
Detailed interiors.
Different cars to collect.
Realistic settings.
Vehicle damage according to our driving quality.
Realistic car movement.

Car simulator is a car driving simulator with good graphics and character in a suit out of nowhere. If you consider yourself the best and professional racer, don’t stop and enjoy the game!

Test your car driving skills with different options like interior view, realistic sound effects and different realistic cars. Prove that you are the parking master by completing all the extremely challenging levels.

Play car simulator for free and learn how to drive carefully. You will feel like in real life with a realistic insider view and many features that will take you to the next level!

REALISTIC CARS AND REALISTIC SOUNDS. You feel as if you are driving a really real car.
Detailed car interior 💺. Feel the realistic atmosphere with unique cabins for each car and enjoy driving!
Fill your dream garage with great cars! 🚗. Assemble your own beautiful and realistic cars and expand your garage!
Customize your devices – (Currently in development…). Choose your favorite colors and stickers to decorate with beautiful designs, or choose modified cars and enjoy!
The real environment 🌆. Get parking experience in a multi-storey car park and drive your car in real life with ease!

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