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Google Chrome

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Chrome is the famous web browser developed by Google

We offer you to download Google Chrome for Android, the famous web browser developed by Google, so it is easy, fast, and usable, and provides you with complete security in browsing the web by preserving the confidentiality of data and information, along with browsing speed and its built-in download manager.

Download Google Chrome for Android with a direct link

In the new updates to the Google Chrome browser for Android systems, you can now read news articles directly from the application, in addition to quick links to your favorite websites, downloads, and “Google Search” and “Google Translate” integrated mainly in the application

New features in Google Chrome apk browser

The Google browser is the most famous and most widely used global browser, as any mobile operating on the Android system is not devoid of the Google Chrome browser, and the browser has many characteristics and features, including the following:

Browse websites faster

The browser is now completely dependent on artificial intelligence in order to work on the complete ease of browsing previously visited sites or web pages at high speed, and add customized search results in order to access them with the click of a button in addition to that you can fill out forms quickly through the auto-fill feature Which is now Google Chrome supports it better than before

Incognito browsing

One of the beautiful things that the Google Chrome browser enjoys is the use of the incognito browser mode while browsing websites, as through this option you can browse the Internet without saving history and therefore you can browse privately and without any site monitoring your private data or synchronizing it on other devices Which provides you with complete privacy and complete security

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Sync on all devices

After logging in to Google Chrome using your Google account, your bookmarks, passwords, settings and browsing history will be synced automatically and on all your devices at once, so you can easily access all your information from your phone, tablet or computer at any time. Anywhere

Protect your phone with Safe Browsing

With the Safe Browsing feature that Google has integrated into its Chrome browser, it helps to enhance your security while browsing, as this feature keeps your phone safe by warning you when you try to go to unsafe sites or download malicious files, so you can download all files or applications that you want and completely securely

Access your favorite content in one click

Google has sought to take full advantage of the new speeds in the Google Chrome browser, especially when using the “Google Search” service, as this feature works to provide full access to your favorite content with complete ease and with one click.
Plus you can tap into your favorite news websites or social networks right from the new tabs page
There is also a completely new option that has been added to Google Chrome, which is the “Click to Search” option, which has become available on most web pages, and thus through it you can click on any word or phrase to start a search on the Google search engine without exiting the current content page, which ensures comfort full for you

Search by voice from Google

Among the new features in the Google Chrome browser, you can actually speak to it, and you can use your voice to get answers while navigating without the need to write or touch the device, and therefore, through this feature, you can browse and navigate faster using your voice wherever you are and at any time.

Download faster

There are many capabilities that you can use through the download options integrated into the Google Chrome browser, as now you can download and view web pages offline
Besides, with the dedicated download button, you will be able to easily download videos, photos, and web pages with a single click and access them at any time

Also, the Google Chrome browser allows you to display the home page for downloads, which allows you to access and browse all the content that you downloaded earlier without the need to connect to the Internet again.

Google Translate

The Google Chrome browser comes with the feature of integrated translation, mainly in the application, as through it you can translate entire web pages with the click of a button, in addition to that Google Translate allows you to translate pages into more than 100 languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, English, Russian, Italian, French and many others from other languages

Data saving

Google has added the option to save mobile data and browse the web faster, as through that option you can enter the simple mode and reduce data usage by up to 60%, as it has become the Google Chrome browser that compresses texts, images, videos, and websites in order to save data without reducing the quality level.

In addition to many other improvements, such as the modern interface, which has become functional in the form of Material Design, and it gives the overall aesthetic look to the browser, tabs, internal buttons, and others. Start now in Download Google Chrome Browser from our site apkxi Free and without any restrictions or login

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