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Google Photos Scanner Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to create the best photos and simply edit them.

Google Photos Scanner for Android is one of the latest applications that rejuvenates your photos and gives them touches of beauty. Optimize, beautify and shed filters on the images that make them cooler than reality, all you have to do is just place the image you want to scan over a flat object and shed by the phone’s camera, and do what appears in front of you on the main screen of the application, scanning images does not take time at all.

Google Photos Scanner App for Android

When you use the image scanner application, you will find all the images that you have scanned grouped into one file so that you do not search too much for the images that you have scanned.

This application makes you modify the photos and erase them and their purity as quickly as possible, even if these photos are old and their vision is not clear, and this application is characterized by making you keep a backup copy of these photos on it so that you can return them at any time,

This wonderful application is free and it is one of the unique Google applications that has no equal, and through this application you can erase the images and make them as they were before, and you can also increase their beauty by using filters and controls that make the image come alive as if it was taken at this time really, and gives The application gives you the freedom to control the image through the elements inside it, such as cropping the image, adjusting its orientation, or changing its color.

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This application removes the glare and spots accumulated on the images that have passed, you just have to put this image on a flat surface and it is preferable to put a white sheet under the image so that the surface does not reflect its colors on the image, and the image must be taken with the scanner in a bright place, and do not worry after that Anything on the image will be removed by the scanner immediately.

The image scanner app can output the image incorrectly with you. If this happens, you will scan the image and change the surface on which you place the image and wait when capturing that the white circle you focus on the place you want to scan will turn into a blue circle and you will take a new image that is different Exactly from the original photo and you will notice the difference, and you can also take the photo at a side angle to work on fixing it more.

This scanner does not only repair old photos, but also repairs all photos and removes reflections and all distortions and impurities accumulated on them. to 10 million and increase.

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Features of Google Photos Scanner App Latest Version

  • The Google Photos Scanner app is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • This app rejuvenates your old photos to immortalize these photos and never lose them.
  • In this application, you can keep a backup copy that you can refer to at any time you want.
  • This app has won many reviews and liked by many people from all over the world.
  • You can change your photos using the beauty elements in the app, such as filters, highlights, and more.

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