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Google Street View Android 4.4 and later
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With Google’s Virtual Roaming app, you can simply enjoy sharing and creating photos.

You can try the Google Street View application easily and simply through Android, it is one of the most wonderful applications that make you travel through it all over the world, and enjoy watching the places that you want to see but cannot go to, this perfect application makes you see these places completely, When you want to achieve the dream of traveling to a specific place, you can enter the virtual roaming application from Google and achieve your dream and discover this place and visit every area in it as if you are really in this place already.

Google Street View app for Android

The Google Street View application, makes you travel in all places of the world, by watching the different videos directly that you see about the place you want to roam, by highlighting the camera that you connect from your phone to this application, so the application can deal with a camera your phone and let you see all the places in the place you choose to travel to,

This wonderful application gives you complete freedom to choose any city from the various cities of the world to travel to, and there is no closed city in this application, all cities are available for you to travel to, and you see the greatest places in the different countries of the world, and you see the most wonderful views they have,

In this application, you can also visualize these scenes that you see as if you are in real reality until you return to seeing them again, and you can discover all the tourist places in all the countries that people talk about and you cannot go to, this application makes you as if you are in the middle of these places and see them on nature,

This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store, and it is suitable for all Android phones, both strong and weak, and does not require a large space when downloading.

Download the Google Street View mobile app

You can explore the monuments with this unparalleled application. And you see museums, restaurants and everything you want, and you can also see the streets of the place you travel to through the application,

This application provides a service to view cities and streets through high-quality, high-resolution 360-degree panoramic images. And you can see it from all its angles until you feel that you are already in this place, and maybe when you buy the phone for the first time. You find this application automatically installed on the phone,

Google services are working on updating the app so that it can produce 3D images for us. But before you start showing people and car plates, Google encrypts them in order to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

You can through the Google Street View app. To see many pictures of a place you want to go to, and to see all the things, landmarks and places in it before reaching it. Do not hesitate and take a tour and travel with this unique application that there is no other like it.

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Features of Google Street View app latest version

  • This application is characterized by shooting and capturing panoramic 360-degree photos, and broadcasting them directly through this application for others to see.
  • This application also allows you to view pictures of others of different places.
  • Inside the app there is a notification system that informs you of new places in the world that you can see.
  • This application is characterized by its ease of use, and it has an easy and simple main interface.
  • This application is free, as it is automatically found on Android phones without the need to download it.
  • This application works on all strong and weak Android phones.

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