Granny: 5 days

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Granny: 5 days

1.1 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best enthusiastic horror games ever, so do not hesitate to try it.

If you like horror games, you can download Granny: 5 Days for Android, a horror game in which you try to escape from the terrifying house that is full of terrifying intrigues, but the escape will not be easy because of the evil granny who is chasing after you quickly if you hear any sound, even if it is simple.

Granny: 5 Days for Android

You can download the game in a very easy way by clicking on the direct link that is located at the bottom, then you open the game and start playing, and you can move the character around the house by using the direction panel that is located on the left side of the screen, and you can interact with Everything, open chests and drawers, hide under beds, take keys, disable ambushes and more.

You can run away from home in only five days and you must not make any sound; So that the grandmother who is in the house does not chase after you; Because if she can catch you, she will hit you until you lose consciousness, and if that happens, you will return to the starting point, so you must be very careful not to be caught by the grandmother.

The game contains a lot of exciting puzzles, so it got the attention of many people who love horror games and intelligence games, and thus the game got a lot of downloads that reach 100 million downloads since the beginning of the game, and the main goal in the game is not to wake up the terrifying strange creature Which are found in the game and called marsupial.

Although she does not see, but her sense of hearing is very strong, if you drop a very small thing on the ground during your attempt to escape, this woman can easily locate you, then eliminate you and return to the starting point.

Download Granny: 5 Days game for mobile

You can download the game easily by going to the Play Store, searching for play and downloading it to your mobile phone or clicking on the direct link below that takes you to play directly. After downloading the game, you find that your main task in the game is to collect things that help you get out. From home without being caught by Grandma.

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in one of the rooms of the grandmother’s house, and in order to open the door, you must use the key that is on the table, and after leaving the room, you must open the other door by using a password, and then your task is to collect Tools that help you get out of the house such as keys, hammer, etc.

In the next stage you use all the tools you have collected; So that you can escape from the house of the cursed granny, and you must look for a safe place to hide, such as under the bed or inside the closet so that the grandmother does not find you, and do not try to escape from the granny by running; Because they are very fast and will catch you no matter how fast you can run.

The game is challenging, as you cannot access the tools that help you easily, as there are many puzzles that you have to discover and a wide range of things that interest you and that you can do in this game, download the game now and enjoy the strongest game horror.

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Granny game features latest version

The game has many features that make it one of the best horror games on the planet, the most important of which are the following:

  • The game has an adventurous spirit as you are always trying to escape from the granny.
  • The game provides a lot of tools that help you to escape from the granny.
  • In the game there is a difficulty in obtaining the tools and this is what excites the players.

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