Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game

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Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game

Android 4.4 and later
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The police secretary game is one of the games that requires you to help the police secretary to perform his duties calmly.

Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game for Android is a real-life simulation game. In this game, you are required to set up a police station and work on equipping it from the ground up. And you are the administration in it, and you have complete freedom in establishing this center and setting the strategies you prefer in order to follow it in managing the police station. Thus, you can work to enlarge your business and increase the activities that you do, and the first thing in establishing the police station is to create a huge platform. However, this center will not be large at the beginning of the game, but with the completion of the tasks required of you and the opening of new levels, this center will grow and develop.

Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game for Android

This game is very realistic in its gameplay as you will build a real police station to help people with any problem. And this station remains working 24 hours continuously like a real police station, and you must help anyone who resorts to the police station. She asks the police secretary to record his statement and she immediately helps him solve his problem.

The game allows you to build more than one police station in several areas of the city in order to help all the people residing in each area. These centers are designed according to your preference, as this game gives you complete freedom in that and will not oblige you to a specific thing. The game does not limit the development of these centers, but you can grow and develop them endlessly.

In this game, you must receive complaints from people and organize traffic in the vicinity of the police station in order to protect people. And you must arrange the complaints submitted by people and you must put the important ones separately. That is why important complaints are highlighted in red so that you know that they are urgent and emergency complaints. You should hurry to see it and solve it.

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Idle Police tycoon Cops Game is one of the best games you can play. If your dream is to be a police officer and lead the military. You must download this game to achieve your dream. When you play it, you will find yourself in the real reality and you will not imagine that you are playing. This is because it is real, with high-quality graphics, the rendering of police characters, their real clothes, city and street shapes, and police vehicles are all real.

In this game, you have to complete the tasks of the emergency complaints given to you in red in order to get the many gifts and rewards. Which helps you in completing the difficult tasks that you are unable to do in the next levels. This game ranges from easy to difficult, and it sets a specific time for you to complete the complaints tasks presented to you. And when you progress in the levels, you find that the time decreases and the tasks become difficult, and you must complete it as quickly as possible.

This game offers you to work on each other by assigning tasks different from your tasks to other police officers in order to complete your tasks and get many rewards and gifts before the time ends.

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Idle Police tycoon game features latest version

  • There is something different in this game that attracts you and draws your attention towards it, which is the administrative work that is not found in any other game similar to it.
  • You can set yourself many ways to complete the missions of catching criminals and thieves before the time runs out.
  • Through your leadership, you can appoint police officers so that they can complete the required tasks with you as quickly as possible.
  • This game has a very easy main interface that all players can deal with when downloading the game for the first time.

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