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We offer you Kaspersky Security & VPN apk for Android, which is one of the important and distinctive applications that we offer to you through our website to our followers and site visitors who do not trust the premium content that we offer and are constantly looking for the best programs and applications that help them maintain their phones in a distinctive and effective manner. This program is from Premium programs that give a free and secure solution for phones. It also works effectively in the fight against viruses and get rid of them, especially those that attack phones running the Android system (Android) from Kasper sky.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Security & VPN mobile antivirus application is one of the premium applications designed by its developers in such a way that you can get a final and free solution to get rid of viruses that reside on your phone because of these harmful applications. It also helps you to secure your phone as well as keep tablets, which are more vulnerable than regular computers. In addition, it works to secure your phone and protect your private information from the many risks that you may face while your phone is connected to the Internet.

Features of Kaspersky Security & VPN apk for Android

Among the most important features of Kaspersky Security & VPN apk that you can take advantage of, are the following:

  • Antivirus as this application works as a cleaner for viruses that are on your phone and also works to block malware automatically, as well as more on phones and tablets.
  • Background Scan: It also works according to your request to scan from your phone and tablet devices also against viruses, spyware, ransomware and Trojans.
  • Find My Phone: This application also helps you locate your Android phone or tablet and also helps you to lock it in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Anti-theft protection: This application also helps you protect your personal information from thieves and erase it from the device.
  • Lock the application: This application also helps you to add a secret code to access photos, private messages and other information on your personal phone.
  • Anti-phishing: This app also helps you keep your financial information secure when you shop and when you do online banking.
  • Web Filter: It also helps you filter dangerous links and websites when you are online.

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Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for Mobile Protection and Antivirus

Downloading the APK application Kasper sky Mobile Anti Virus: Applock Web Security through our website is definitely the best option for your Android phone. My advice is, do not hesitate too much and go to the download link in the article and click on it to download this application on your mobile and get many, many services Which is provided to you and worked on by the developers of the company who released this application to you and who always make the necessary updates in order to get the best performance. Also, do not forget to tell your friends and also follow us to get permanently everything that is new.

Specifications for downloading the famous Kaspersky antivirus application for mobile

Among the most important specifications and tools that the famous Kaspersky protection, antivirus and application lock program for mobile devices comes with, are the following:

Find my phone feature

Kasper sky Mobile Anti Virus : Applock Web Security helps you to track and find your lost phone or tablet, you can trigger an alert on the device remotely, lock your phone, locate it, and erase your personal information on the phone that contains messages, photos, clips Video, as well as the ability to take a picture of the face of the person using your device in case it is stolen.

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Block dangerous websites and links when connected to the Internet

The effective solutions that we offer to you through this application, which work against viruses for Android devices, help your device from Internet threats while you are browsing by blocking phishing. Security of the privacy of your personal information and sensitive financial data when shopping and purchasing products online.

App lock in Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

help you kaspersky app for android Activate the application lock feature to protect your private communications and financial information with a secret code that allows you to access the secret applications that you have selected, and this feature hides your personal data such as messages, photos, files and more on your device from unauthorized persons known or suspected.

This application also uses Kaspersky Security & VPN and requires permission from the person responsible for the device as well as accessibility services.

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